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Sci-fi on Television: Why You Should Watch The 100

CW has given the viewing audience many wonderful shows, The Flash, Arrow, iZombie, etc. The 100 is a great show with struggle, strong females, and a great story line. And it’s coming back with it’s 3rd season on January 21st!

If you haven’t watched The 100, I’ll point out some reasons why you should binge watch and catch up. I’ll also give some reasons why people who have fallen in love with the show, should be eagerly awaiting the return of the show.

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  • normal_the100208_0631Strong Female roles: As a nerdy woman, I love a good strong female character because representation is important! This show mostly follows a young woman named Clarke Griffin. Of course like any CW show, characters start off a bit weak or bland, in my opinion. With this CW show, the females might start off typical, but they evolve into strong forces who are extremely clever and determined.
  • Character Development: With any good story line, getting to see characters develop from weak and average to strong leaders, is rewarding to observe. The 100 is full of character development. It’ll make you one moment hate a character for being ignorant and ruthless, but then subtly changing his character through out each episode will make you fall in love with the character. Or at least end up having more of an understanding for them. I absolutely adore the characters in this show.
  • The Story/Concept: It has this Hunger Games/Battlestar Galatica feel to it just like multiple trending Young Adult TV shows/movies, but it gives more of twist. The plot starts off with the “remaining” human race being sent into space to live in this small space craft, because the earth became inhabitable, full of radiation. With new civilization and new change of lifestyle comes different way of ruling and handling situations. With a risky experiment, the main authority figures decide to send the young juvenile delinquents of their space society to Earth to see if living is possible again. The idea of that is, if they live, they are the gateway to getting back home. If they die, it was their punishment for trivial to major crimes. It’s a great interesting concept, and the story telling gets better as the episodes progress.

What should the fans be excited about with season 3?

The-100-Season-3-ClarkeThere are spoilers ahead so if you want to watch the show, you can stop reading and start your week of binge watching now!

  • Clarke/Lexa/ and the Grounders: If you haven’t watch the Season 3 trailer yet, here you go. If you have, hmm Clarke? is a Redhead?! In Grounder clothing!! At the end of Season 2, we see Clarke part ways with her loved ones to really figure out how living will be now that many grounders are free along with some of the surviving 100. Will Clarke completely turn to Grounder life, and rule with her girlfriend Lexa? (Let’s face it, there’s no subtext romance there.) Will Camp Jaha and the Grounders be able to figure out how to live without causing more violence and chaos? In the trailer, it shows a full on war happening, and you never know who the true enemy is anymore. Like the show has stated, It’s the living and the dead. No in between.
  •   “Allie”/A.I. and the story of the guard tower: John Murphy and Thelonious stumbled upon the “Promise Land” where they both find little secrets that need piecing together. Thelonious runs into the super powered technology, A.I., that is now in control of the “Promise Land”. She told Thelonious thank you for sending a nuclear bomb down to her, and now they have work to do. Murphy watched the video of the guy talking about “she got her hands on the launch codes” and saying it was his fault, then killing himself. Mostly likely, the guy in the video created this highly advance technology system that ended up going rogue and now has more info and power than she should. What will this extremely independent technology have planned for this new group of survivors? Will Thelonious and Murphy find their way back to the camp to tell of their discovery, or will something come of them? Is the plan to rebuild the nuclear bomb again to launch, and finally destroy earth?  This new story prompt is really interesting, and can provide us with a lot of background info on possibly how the earth became inhabitable. It could even give us a true enemy that might have the Grounders and the remaining people from the Ark team up to defeat the enemy.
  • Zach-McGowan-Black-Sails-The-100-season-3-RoanNew people: Seeing some of the stills of the new people gives us more insight in possibly more character development, more character story prompts, etc. With the people from Camp Jaha, it looks like they get a new ruthless leader who has war on his mind. With the grounders, Lexa and Clarke could be leading. I would love to get to know more grounders, which I foresee happening.

Overall, Season 2 ended on such a high note, with a lot anticipated questions that hopefully will be answered in Season 3. January 21st can’t come any faster! Share and comment what you’re most excited to see in Season 3.

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