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Selected Quotes from the Wikipedia Page of Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick-rothfuss-2014-kyle-cassidyPatrick Rothfuss is one of my favorite nerdlebrities. Not only to I love his books (when he actually releases them), but he gives an entertaining interview. Even more, he seems like a darned decent human being to boot.

I like him so much I found myself reading his Wikipedia page. But what I found shouldn’t be hidden under a bushel basket, my friends. It should be shared with the world.

I share these pearls from Patrick Rothfuss’ Wikipedia page without comment. They will be displayed without quotation marks and pulled entirely out of context, primarily for my amusement.

Then to pad this article to get to the required 600 word minimum, I’ll sprinkle in selected quotes from his creatively titled blog: Those are direct quotes from Mr. Rothfuss himself, again taken entirely out of context.


[divider] Selected Quotes from the Wikipedia Page of Patrick Rothfuss [/divider]

Patrick James Rothfuss (born June 6, 1973) is an American writer of epic fantasy…

“Being from the Midwest, I’m not a big fan of self-promotion.”

“I have at times been a big old self-promoting whore…”

….after spending nine years as an undergraduate.

“I try to be awesome, and hope that people will notice.”

patvbat“…produced a widely-circulated parody warning about the Goodtimes Virus.”

In 2002, he won the Writers of the Future 2002 Second Quarter competition with “The Road to Levinshir”, an excerpt from his then-unpublished novel The Wise Man’s Fear.

“I had grown-up money for the first time in my life, and I used it to buy a house with my girlfriend.”

“Oh man, I’m never going to be able to cross ‘catgirl threeway’ off my bucket list.”[1]

…a series of casual phone calls between the two in which they talk about whatever is on their minds.

“Mr. Rothfuss has two sons whose names he does not use on the internet for their privacy (on his blog he calls them “Oot” and “Cutie Snoo”).”

Rothfuss organizes the charity Worldbuilders, which, since 2008, has raised over $2 million…

“I quit advising the College Feminists.”

“Lastly, he asked if I’d like to see his penis trick. I said I would like to see it, and was kinda relieved to discover it was just him dancing and jumping around naked.” [2]

Verified-bRothfuss’ first novel, The Name of the Wind, was published in 2007.

“A piece of advice? Don’t try to run a fundraiser, write a novella, and have a baby all at the same time. It’s really not good for you.” [3]

“…when I called in to check on how many chocolate frogs we still had in the store, Nicole asked me if I was going to mention the coupon code.”

The Wise Man’s Fear was published in 2011 and reached Number 1 on the New York Times Hardback Fiction Best Seller List.

“I’ve been rationing my time to them like World War II sugar.”


Patrick Rothfuss really is a brilliant fantasy author and you can witness his nerdy sense of humor by watching him play D&D. His books are near the very top of my all time favorite fantasy books. They are brilliant and moving. Click here to find Name of the Wind, the first book of his Kingkiller Chronicles. Please, please do yourself a favorite and get to get to know the work of Patrick Rothfuss a little more. You’ll be greatly entertained by it.

[1] Why I love My Editor
[2] On Being Manly
3] Moving On and the Cuteness of Cutie

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