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The 7 Best Harry Potter Spells

How many times have you been sitting at home, alone, watching TV, and you can’t find the remote? You don’t want to move or get up to look for it (because let’s face it, we are all lazy) and you wish for magic to summon the remote to you?

I have wished this many times. And even before the Harry Potter books made their appearance in my life. But after learning about wands and spells and charms, I wished for it even harder. Even as an adult, a spell to produce light or summon something to me would be very helpful.

Granted, I may gain a lot of weight because I wouldn’t get up for anything. But that’s beside the point.

I have compiled a list of the 7 Top Harry Potter Spells/Charms. This does not include curses (Unforgivable or otherwise) since I’m too much of a Hufflepuff to actually use one (and admit to it).

The 7 Best Harry Potter Spells

#1 – Accio

The spell accio summons an object to you. And who wouldn’t want to do that. This is very helpful in the remote situation but just imagine getting ready for bed and as you climb into bed you suddenly remember that you left your phone in the kitchen. No need to get up and trudge to the kitchen and back. Just grab your wand, which is always with you, and say “Accio Phone.” It comes flying to your hand and you can go to sleep. Or browse Facebook. Or text your best friend that you will definitely pick her up tomorrow to pick her up for the Quidditch game. And that the Holyhead Harpies are totally gonna win.

#2 Expecto Patronum

harry potter duel thumbThis charm creates a patronus to dispel Dementors, scary creatures that used to guard Azkaban and can suck out someone’s soul. They are the personification of clinical depression. You feel cold and sad, like you will never be happy again. This charm is cast by thinking of your happiness memory. Harry was able to produce a full body patronus in his third year. And what I wouldn’t give to as well. I have battled depression since I was 15. And to be able to cast a charm to basically kick depression in the butt would be amazing.

J.K. Rowling recently sent a fan on twitter this charm written out in her handwriting. I plan to get that tattooed on my arm. Sometimes, just looking at the charm in her handwriting will get me through the worst moments of my life.

#3 Tergeo

This spell cleans up messes. So…yes, please. As I’m typing this, I’m thinking about my kitchen, my bedroom, my living room, my basement…my everything. I hate cleaning. With a passion. It’s boring and I seem to always be doing it. So, a spell that will do it for me is a much appreciated thing. A wave of my wand and the dishes start washing themselves. The down side, however, would be that I would be terrified of leaving them alone. I don’t plan to pull a Sorcerer’s Apprentice and have the objects come to life and ruin everything. No, thank you.

#4 Silencio

This one is pretty obvious. It silences someone. How many times have you been in a crowded room and everyone is really loud? Or been sitting next to someone in a meeting that won’t seem to shut up so you can go home? Or had that loud person in a movie theater? I think we have all been in at least one of those situations. Now imagine if you had this spell to silence them.

Imagine the quiet.

The serenity.

The peace.

Sorry, I got a little too excited about this spell. Let’s move on.

#5 Protego Totalum

best Harry Potter spellsThis spell provides protection for an area. Hermione uses this in The Deathly Hallows when they are camping in the woods. This is a cheap, invisible alarm system. And I need it.

My house was broken into last year and it never would have happened if I could have been able to do this spell. Or if I had just dished out the money for an alarm system but that’s completely beside the point.

To feel protected from outside forces like Death Eaters, scary animals, or even just snoopers would be amazing. Keep yourself and your belongings safe.

#6 Obliviate

This erases memories. And can be very dangerous but very handy to have. If you use it like Gildory Lockhart, you are a bad person. He took people’s memories and claimed their accomplishments as his own. If you use it like Hermione, you are doing it for the right reasons. She erased herself from her parents’ memories to protect them from Death Eaters and Voldemort.

If you would use it like I would, well…you may be straddling that fence between right and wrong.

I hate embarrassing myself in public. And there have been many times that I would have loved to erased everyone’s memories. That horrible incident that happened in middle school that I still cringe about? Gone. I’m the only one who remembers and honestly, I don’t care because no one else would. Nice.

#7 Lumos

This spell lights up your wand tip. Don’t have a flashlight or your phone is low on batteries? No problem, you always have your wand. Just say this handy little spell and instant flashlight that never runs out of batteries. Or starts to flicker and die in the middle of a scary moment. No scary girl with hair in front of her face will be sneaking up on me. My light is always on.

But honestly, I would probably use this to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night more than anything. I seem to always stub my toe on something or run into something. Having that stop would be amazing. My toes would love me.

“Harry Potter Spells Infographic” by SeanChunSeianLiew on

I would also feel a little safer when walking to my car at night. Not only because I would have a light but because I would have a wand. And it would be obvious.

“Wanna try to attack me, bro? Try it! I will ‘Stupify” your butt so fast.”

I can be intimidating. I promise.

I’m lying. I’m not.

But my wand will help with that.

So, there you have it. The 7 best Harry Potter spells. There are definitely more that I would love to be able to use. But since we aren’t living through the Third Wizarding War (yet), I wouldn’t necessarily need the defensive or offensive spells. The ones listed would help with everyday life. I’m a normal person right now. I’m not a member of The Order of the Phoenix or Dumbledore’s Army. Believe me, if I were, this list would be very different.

What spells would be on your list of best Harry Potter spells? Let us know in the comments below!

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