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Glass Cannon Podcast: Episode 125 – Raz to the Occasion

I am super excited about Episode 125 – Raz to the Occasion for four reasons:

  1.  Razzmatazz was Merriam-Webster’s word of the day on Sunday.  Coincidence?  My money is on the growing influence of the GCP.  They’re going places.  First Paizo takes notice, now the dictionary people.  Who next?!
  2. The GCP Twitter account suggests that this episode has “maybe the biggest laugh in series history.”  That is a mighty boast.
  3. There are so many PCs in play here…I want to see how Troy DMs this and how several of the players RP between their characters.  I kinda feel like they should preface this episode with a “Don’t try this at home.  We’re professionals” PSA.
  4. Its the frakkin’ GCP.  They’re always the second thing on my mind every Tuesday morning (behind only coffee, which I’m sure they’ll understand).

With the whole party reunited in the shadow of the cathedral, the group must find a way to get back into the Forgeheart.

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New episodes of the Glass Cannon Podcast are released every Tuesday, but it’s not too late to jump in from the beginning:

Glass Cannon Podcast Episode 1: Introducing Thomas Exposition is here.

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What is the Glass Cannon Podcast? Well, in the spirit of old school Dungeons and Dragons, a collection of five super-nerds (Joe O’Brien, Grant Berger, Matthew Capodicasa, Skid Maher, and Dungeonmaster Troy Lavallee) emerge blinking from their parents’ basements to engage in an Actual Play campaign of Paizo’s epic new Pathfinder adventure path, Giantslayer!

Foes will be vanquished, beers will be dranken, and characters will almost certainly f*c&ing die.

And if you want to know how the Glass Cannon guys got together, check out this interview that includes their origin story.

There is even some new content released on Thursdays – Cannon Fodder – that provides a little behind-the-scenes coverage and will help you get to know Pathfinder a little better, and perhaps entice you to begin a campaign of your own.

The Glass Cannon guys are playing Pathfinder, a fantastic roleplaying game that began as an offshoot of the 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons. You can learn more about Pathfinder here or get your own copy of the 1st book of the Giantslayer adventure and start a Pathfinder campaign of your own!

Head over to Facebook and tell the Glass Cannon guys how much you are enjoying the adventure. You can find them here. They also share all kinds of bonus content, host contests, and even let you know when and where to find them playing video games on Twitch!

You can also follow the GCP on Twitter (@glasscannonpod), and don’t forget to drop in on their Tumblr page as well, where you can find all sorts of goodies like fan art, depictions of the both named and unnamed enemies and NPC, character sheets, and even “We Are Stupid” posts in which the guys fess up to getting the rules wrong occasionally – and who doesn’t?!

Happy listening!

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