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The Nerds on Earth Podcasts: Sweet Stuff for Your Ear Holes

Nerds on Earth readers are invited to become Nerds on Earth listeners.

Many of you already listen to The Drift, our podcast wholly dedicated to Paizo’s hit RPG, Starfinder. But we’ve been adding new shows as well, with more on the docket.

We’re doing podcasts differently. We have a collection of short run shows in the works. And all episodes of the shows will drop all at once. If this reminds you of what Netflix does with their original programming, then you get the idea.

Some of these short run shows might get a second season! We’d love to do more episodes of certain shows, but we’re leaving it up to YOU to decide which ones get a second look.

Those shows that meet a certain metric for iTunes reviews or shares will get additional attention from us!

So if you like one of our particular podcasts, you should share it so it gets a bigger audience. You should also leave an iTunes review as a vote to hear more.

We hope you enjoy the podcasts and we hope that it’s fun for you to have the future of the shows in your hands. We’d love to make more for you, should you wish.

Here they are! 

Why are we doing podcasts this way? Several reasons:

Listen when and how you want to. If you want to binge a particular Nerds on Earth Podcast, then go for it. All episodes will be there for you. You won’t have to wait week-to-week for the next episode.

It allows us to offer a variety. is eclectic: we have articles on all the nerdy things from Marvel comics to D&D and Star Wars. We like lots of nerdy things, so we want our website to reflect that. We can’t cover everything, but we cover a lot.

We want our podcasts to reflect that. It’s smart business to find a unique niche and bore into it. It will be difficult for our podcasts to find an audience offering just a wide array of topics, but we’re willing to try because we want to cover a wide array of nerdy topics.

So we hope you’ll find something you like, then maybe give something else a shot while you’re at it.

We want a variety of hosts. The Nerds on Earth team is a talented bunch with varied knowledge. We want a platform where difference creators can pitch a short run show. My hosting them under a single umbrella, we create an opportunity for different voices to find a podcasting home.

Our day jobs are busy. Our schedules don’t allow us to produce a show week-after-week-after week. We aren’t built for marathons. but we’re pretty good in a sprint.

So have at ’em, nerds. We hope you enjoy them. Please do let us know.

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