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Introducing The All Might-Y Podcast!

Monday marked the launch of a brand new podcast from our friends at the Back Patio Network: The All Might-y Podcast!

Adam Sims and myself (Earth Nerd Adkins) team up to bring you a weekly podcast dedicated to My Hero Academia; one of the hottest anime going on right now. In each episode of The All Might-y Podcast, we breakdown two episodes of the show offering summaries, predictions, critiques, jokes, and more!

The idea for The All Might-Y Podcast came about after Adam and I started talking regularly about All Systems Goku, a podcast in which two of the creators over at Giant Bomb watch Dragon Ball Z for the first time and talk about what they’re seeing. We loved that idea and format so much that we thought we’d ape it a bit with an anime the two of us had never seen.

We originally considered tackling One Piece…but we were immediately intimidated by the 17,238 episodes of that one, so we switched gears. Both Adam and I had friends recommend My Hero Academia to us repeatedly, so we gave it a test run (what is reflected below as Episode 1!) and found ourselves hooked.

If you’ve never seen My Hero Academia, this podcast is for you! Watch two episodes a week (they are streaming for free over at!) and join on us Mondays (All Might-y Mondays, anyone?) as we discuss them!

If you’re all caught up on My Hero and are a super fan, this podcast is also for you! Listen to two dudes with fresh pairs of eyes watch one of your favorite anime for the first time. Laugh at our predictions when they go awry or wait anxiously for us to get to your favorite moments from the show to see what we thought!

You can also follow the pod on Twitter at @allmightypod, as well as Adam and me individually. The podcast will be hosted over at, but you can also find us on iTunes and Google Play. You can also snag the link to RSS subscribe using your favorite podcast catcher here:

We sincerely hope you enjoy the pod!

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