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New Animes to Warm Up to in Winter 2019

Once again my fellow Animaniacs, it’s time for anime. As we embrace Winter 2019, I can wholeheartedly report that we’re looking at a great supply of anime to fill your upcoming months. So let’s jump in and see what’s available for your view queue.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

At first look this is standard  anime fare: an Otaku gets summoned into an alternate dimension at the beginning of the first episode. However dark clouds appear for our hero as this anime takes a sinister twist to instill a whole new counterpoint to the dimension jumping Otakus.

With great animation, an intriguing plot line and wonderful 48 minute opening episode, I highly recommend this one. If you like tales about heroes who follow their own path and find a way to glory against all odds, add the Rising of The Shield Hero to your queue today.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 

We have patiently waited to go 100% psycho over the last year and now, my fellow psychics, it’s time to lose your cool.  

Mob Psycho 100 does not disappoint. It’s second season opening episode keeps with its edgy animation style, fantastic soundtrack, and of course Mobs awkward and delightful charm.  Mob starts off with a triumphant use of incredible psychic ability facing off against a vegetable spirit, then ends up with a wacky attempt at becoming school president to surprisingly romantic results.

The Promised Neverland

If you were looking for a happy-go-lucky the-world-is-beautiful anime, this is not the anime for you.

The title The Promised Neverland could not have been more perfectly picked as you will peer into the deceptive tranquility of Grace Field House. Follow Emma, Norman  and Ray as they discover that all is not as it seems in the orphanage they find themselves in. Break free from your standard anime and escape with the orphans of the promised Neverland.

My Roommate is a Cat

This wonderful and unique anime brings forth that genuine setting of joy and delight that can only be found with the love of an animal companion. The original elements to this anime are the messages shown through the perspective of Mikazuki Subaru, a shy novelist and the cute cat that he brings into his apartment from the streets.

If you’re looking for that feel good anime, My Roommate is a Cat is it.

Lord El- Melloi II’S Case Files {Rail Zellpin} Grace Note

With the weirdest name possible, I submit this anime to the viewing queue purely because it’s a spinoff of Fate/Zero. Let’s tell the tale of the boy who fought by the side Iskandar during the fourth Holy Grail War.

The animation style is tremendous, the music is captivating, and the story is striking, so I have a funny feeling this one’s going to be my winter season favorite anime.

So wrap up warm, then join me this anime season with a few shows that will keep you glued to the queue.

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