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Planning the Perfect Heist Adventure with the Starfinder Armory

The brand new 160 page Starfinder Armory from Paizo Publishing is a steal. It expands the Starfinder RPG, adding new character options and more.

But the thing that will make most nerds squee is the plethora of new weapons in every category, level, and type, plus rules to customize your weapons through weapon accessories, weapon fusions, and different weapon manufacturers.

It also adds new suits of armor, including light, heavy, and powered armor. And it adds new augmentations from cybernetics to magitech and necrografts, and more!

But how will Starfinder players get their hands on the new Starfinder Armory book? There is only one option.

You’ve assembled your crew for the heist and have everything covered. Hardison is your computer specialist, using the Tech Tinkerer mechanic trick (page 146). You can tell because he wears glasses and says words like “pwn.” He’ll disable the security systems by typing furiously on his Level 2 Datapad (page 100), making it possible for Spencer to set the explosives that’ll blow Paizo’s vaults wide open. He doesn’t even need to use a Laser Drill (page 99) or a Recovery Aegis (page 115). He’s just that good.

Devereaux creates a diversion, which comes naturally as she utilizes the new Envoy Improvisations like Coordinated Reload (page 144). Devereaux is accomplished with her Bluff checks, capable of convincingly playing any character or Alien race… as long as it’s not on Absalom Station, because her theatrics there ran afoul of Prime Executive Kumara Melacruz.

Spencer often speaks calmly and philosophically about the nature of the universe while flicking an old lighter on and off. That’s how you know he’s the real deal. You also know because he is using Stellar Equilibrium (page 152), a new Solarion revelation, and is equipped with a Rhyolite Magma Blade (page 10) and a Microwave Scorchgun (page 14).

When the vault’s open, it’s Crazy Parker’s time to shine. She’s always laughing maniacally and saying crazy things, but a little crazy can help in these situations. She’ll run in there and grab the Atrocite Sphere, a 3-inch dark globe artifact that provides DR +10 energy resistance (page 118) before the smoke even clears.

That’s the plan. Your plan. You’re the ringleader here.

Which means you’re in charge not just of planning, but of getting everyone the gear they need. That’s why you purchased the Starfinder Armory. First off, they have a variety of personal items on pages 128-131, including a lighter for Spencer. That’s always useful, whether you’re hunched in a dark ventilator shaft, trying to connect to the main security system; or getting the wiring just right for a maximum boom; or… well, fine, maybe Spencer wouldn’t need a light. But the entire party will appreciate an Azimuth Shoulder Laser (page 14) when the adventure is over and done with and it’s time to light the victory cigars.

And okay, sure, you’re right: as previously mentioned, Spencer has a lighter, which means he could light everyone’s cigars, so that part isn’t super useful in this hypothetical scenario I’ve written. But could I be extended a bit of slack here? I’m just trying to spruce up this review of the Starfinder Armory for you. Does that make me a bad person, worthy of ridicule?

Regardless, even if my above crew is only level 1, they have the best gear thanks to the Starfinder Armory.

Kidding aside, I’m really enjoying the book. Starfinder is a lot of fun. The science fantasy setting that Paizo has produces is incredible. All it needed was a little more weapons and gear. The Starfinder armory delivers on that.

You can get the Starfinder Armory hardcover or PDF directly from Paizo. It’s also available via Amazon or, better yet, visit your FLGS for a copy. Tell them Crazy Parker sent you.

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