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A Guide to the Miniatures that Support Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica

I think the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica is about to blow the lid off this thing, and by “lid,” I mean it wasn’t a lid at all. It was just a paper plate sitting on top that someone had written “Don’t X Magic and D&D” on. In crayon. By that, I mean that I’m surprised that Wizards of the Coast hasn’t mixed D&D and Magic before! I think it adds a wonderful new option for a couple different tribes of nerds who have lots in common.

But they are going all in now, both the recent sourcebook but also with all sorts of products to support bringing Magic to the D&D table, including map packs, dice, and more. But my absolute favorite are the miniatures and I aim to tell you about them!

Wizkids has three Ravnica miniatures products:

  1. Boosters. Each booster is a blind box that contains 1 large miniature and three mediums. They retail for about $15. You can get them as a “brick,” which is eight boosters shrined together and is what I unboxed above. Check them out.
  2. Two Companion packs. These are really nice, as they are blister packs that give you five pre-painted starter miniatures for a great price. They are ideal if a player just wants a nice mini to represent their character at the table. Check them out.
  3. Premium Figure. Nerds, this is a big, sweet red dragon! ’nuff said. Check it out.
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