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Playtest Brand New Starfinder Classes TODAY!

The Starfinder roleplaying is game is just over a year old, but new classes are coming soon. Better, you can Playtest those new classes TODAY!

Paizo launched the  Character Operations Manual playtest of new playable character classes. You are invited to go to, download the free Character Operations Manual Playtest PDF, roll up some characters, and run them through their paces! Paizo will take your feedback and use it to make the official release even better.

Here are the three new classes that are the focus of the Playtest:

  1. Biohacker, a brilliant super-scientist who analyzes their enemies and creates injections that can help allies or hinder foes. Biohackers specialize in scientific fields of study and utilize a scientific method that is either studious and methodical, or instinctive and improvisational—the hallmarks of any good mad scientist!
  2. Vanguard, a martial character who excels in melee fighting and channels the entropic forces of the universe to manipulate their surroundings, bolster themselves and their allies, and power their devastating unarmed strikes.
  3. Witchwarper, a charisma-based spellcaster that pulls from alternate realities to power their magic and alter the environment and even nearby creatures to the witchwarper’s advantage.

The Starfinder playtest is a chance to get a look at early versions of these classes and have a hand in their development before they hit shelves next year! The playtest will run until January 16, 2019. Feedback surveys on will be open throughout the playtest.

We’ve written all about Starfinder on Nerds on Earth, from an overview of the game to an exploration of the “science fantasy” of the game. We also offer some FREE short encounters and adventures for the game as well as reviews of the following Starfinder hardcovers:

Paizo also hosts a live Starfinder Twitch stream every Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. PST, where they talk about all things Starfinder—including the Character Operations Manual Playtest! Videos from that stream are archived on Paizo’s YouTube channel at

Get hyped, Starfinder fans! We’ve been nerding out about Starfinder in our Nerds on Earth Slack channel, so we’ll be right there with you for this Playtest!

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