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A Quick Look at Pioneer Days, a Board Game from Tasty Minstrel Games

Adding townsfolk increases your options but you'll need medicine for them.

A board game has about 8 pages worth a rulebook before my narcolepsy and/or attention deficit kicks in. To be clear, I like heavier games with 30 page rulebooks, but there better be a ton of payoff if I’m investing in anything much more than 8 pages.

The 2-4 player Pioneer Days from Tasty Minstrel Games has an 8-page rulebook exactly. What’s more, it delivers more than 8 pages worth of game!

If you’ve ever died of dysentery while playing the old Oregon Trail video game, then you get the basic idea of Pioneer Days. Players are leading a wagon train out west and it takes you four weeks to get to your homestead. Along the way you’ll interact with townsfolk, drive cattle, and gather equipment. But watch out because disasters like storms, famine, raids, and disease can strike!

Each player gets a pioneer and some staring resources like cattle, medicine, wood, and silver. Then colored dice are rolled and players take turns selecting which die that want in order to take the action on the that die. The last die remaining will trigger a disaster.

Take a look below.

Pioneer Days is a wonderful light-to-mid-weight game with a well implemented theme. It has well made components and beautiful artwork.

I first played Pioneer Days when I had friends in town. We picked it up quickly and enjoyed our turns even more as time went on. Each of us walked away from the table having enjoyed our experience. And isn’t that what you ask for in a board game?

You can get Pioneers Days here or, better yet, ask for it at your FLGS. It’s got a pretty hefty price point but it’s a packed box.

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