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The Fortunes Untold Podcast: Episode 14

Episode 14: Overlight Part 3

Episode 14: Overlight Part 3 (Subscribe on iTunes)

Now that Kyrus has gotten the key, the next step is to find the door it unlocks! This week our Skyborn duo hunt for the hidden location of the entrance to the Hanging Prison. But even if they find a way in, is Shatu Hak still alive to be rescued?

If you liked what you heard about Overlight, you can find it at the Renegade Games website:


Fortunes Untold is a show where a group of gamers get together and review different table-top RPGs. But we don’t just tell you about the games, we show you how they play. We’ll try out the rules, we’ll test drive the setting, and at the end of the adventure we’ll hand out Experience Points and see if the system levels up.

We take the crits so you don’t have to.


(Disclosure: Renegade Game Studios supplied us with a copy of the rulebook in exchange for an honest review.)
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