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Some Great Gift Ideas for Nerds

I’m going to share some great gift ideas for nerds. Use this for the holidays, for birthdays, or simply to say “I value your deep nerdiness and I want to reward it with a gift.”

No rhyme. No reason. Probably no great Black Friday discounts. These are just wonderfully nerdy things.

Some Great Gift Ideas for Nerds

Jesus Saves Mug

Did Jesus make his saving throw? Of course he did, because Jesus Saves. Alas, everyone else takes damage.

The Jesus Saves mug and more are available from Level 1 Gamers. They have great mugs and t-shirts for D&D players. Their products are available via Amazon: Give them a look.

The Player’s Handbook

What, your friends aren’t D&D players? Then good gravy, nerd, they need the Players’s Handbook!

D&D is in the middle of a wonderful resurgence and the 5th edition of the rules is the best yet. The Player’s Handbook (PHB) is the first book to get if you are looking to gift D&D to a new player.

Whether it is someone who played years ago and you want to give them a gift of nostalgia, or it is someone who you were hoping to introduce to the game for the first time, the PHB is a great gift.

How does that not make a great gift? You can get the PHB here for under $30.

X-Men Comics

Chris Claremont penned X-Men comics were the most popular and beloved comics for the entirety of his 16-year run on the title. But modern X-Men comics have been known as hit or miss with no definitive storyline to point X-Men fans too.

This all changed with House of X (HOX) and Powers of X (POX). Published just this summer, HOX POX was the most exciting, creative, imaginative, and best executed X-Men storyline in recent memory. Written by Jonathan Hickman, HOX POX has been an atomic bomb level of excitement for X-Men fans.

The storyline has a new a hardcover collection that is just in time for the holidays. It would make an incredible gift for any X-Men fan.

Get it here.


Dominion is the godfather of deck-building card games, which might not be a phrase you are used to, but it is one you should get to know. Deck builders are great games where you start with a limited hand of cards, but add more cards to “power up.”

So Dominion is a hobby board game that is actually just a big box of cards. That sounds under-whelming, doesn’t it? But it’s a great game. It’s incredibly simple to learn, yet it’s fun enough that you can play it over and over. There is a reason it’s considered a classic.

It’s a great game for couples who are looking for a nice way to connect during a quiet evening. It also makes an excellent game to use when you invite friends over for a game night. Old kids can play, as can your aunts and uncles during the holidays.

You can get the base set here for about $30.

Old Man’s War

Old Man's War

Old Man’s War by John Scalzi is a great science fiction book. It’s about a 75-year-old man who signs up to fight an intergalactic war.

It’s a quick and easy read that is pulpy, yet cleverly written. It’s got a dash of Starship Troopers while also giving it a nice new spin.

Sometimes we just want to read something fun. With that in mind, Old Man’s War makes a great gift for yourself (Fine, I guess you could give it to someone else also, but why not keep it for yourself?). It can stand alone, but it’s also the first in a several book series, so if it hits the mark, there is more to be had.

You can get the paperback for like $6.


Legos make a great gift and everything is better when Star Wars is attached to it. I just got the Star Wars Lego set 75153: AT-ST a couple of Christmases ago and it’s a great set.

Sure, everyone would want to AT-AT Lego set, but let’s be realistic folks. Not all of us will be able to build a Lego Imperial Walker with four legs, so we’ll gladly settle for two if it means we get to play with Legos.

Legos make a great gift for the young and old. Plus, they are excellent around the holidays, as you get to spend a little bonding time around a shared project. Plus, Star Wars is cool.

The 2019 version of the AT-ST is set 75254: AT-ST Raider and can be had here for about $40.


Nerds love nostalgia and nothing is pushing our nostalgia buttons more than the collected edition of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (OHotMU).

We’ve written fully about the OHotMU, so I’ll just send you there if you need more context.

The brand new collected omnibus might not have yellowed old newsprint paper, but it sure will bring back happy memories. Millions of nerds poured over those books in order to learn more about their favorite heroes.

You can get it here.

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