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It’s Possible that Literally No One Read these Nerdy Articles

You didn’t read these articles when we first published them and likely won’t click through this time either. How do I know?

Our traffic for 2019 was 1.997 MILLION. We were a measly 3 thousand short of two million nerds, meaning had you nerds read any of the under-performing articles listed below at our typical traffic rates, we would’ve hit 2 million and my dad would’ve finally been proud of me.

Nerds on Earth could take responsibility and write better articles but we’d rather blame you, our readers.

We rightly celebrate that 1.997 million is an incredible achievement and 2 million is an arbitrary number that is only celebrated as a benchmark because it’s round. But 1,997,036 million just doesn’t have the same ring as 2,000,000. We know it. You know it. My dad knows it.

In all seriousness, we’re proud of the success of Nerds on Earth. And we sincerely thank you for your support of us, rather you read one article or all 300+ we published this year. In fact, we’re thrilled you’ve found Nerds on Earth, even if this is your first time.

Shall we shoot for 2.5 million readers in 2020?

What’s the Value of your FLGS?

How do you assign value outside of dollars and cents? When it comes the the game shops us nerds enjoy, we make the case that it can actually be priceless.

Here: What’s the value of your FLGS?


Why should it be DC vs Marvel? Why can’t it be DC + Marvel. We look at 7 comic titles from Marvel and place then next to 7 complimentary titles from DC.

Here: Bipartisanship: 7 Complimentary Classics From DC & Marvel

Dancing With Yourself

I guess every nerd in the world has and endless supply of other nerds to play games with, unlike us lonely nerds who play games solo, because if this article would’ve been read at a typical rate, we would’ve crossed 2 million with ease.

Here: Playing Viticulture Solo

Drink a Healing Potion

How dare you not be as interested is historical lore as we are?!?! Well, should you have at least a titch of interest in cool stories of yesteryear, check out this article on the history of the healing potion. Sadly, you’d be the first one to check it out.

Here: The Origin of the Healing Potion


Listen, we know we spent too much time as kids sitting in our jammies, eating sugar cereal, and watching cartoons, but what of it?!?

If fact, we wrote about our love of the Visionaries cartoon, thinking everyone else recalled it as fondly as we did. Alas, had only 3,000 other nerds celebrated the Visionaries as we do, we would’ve hit 2 million!

Here: Visionaries: Remembering Saturday Morning Cartoons

Playing in the Outer Rim

Why don’t nerds want to play board games set in the Outer Rim regions of the Star Wars Galaxy? I don’t know.

Here: Star Wars: Outer Rim Is A Board Game With A Story To Tell

Iron Man Tech

We thought it was interesting that some of the tech that Iron Man uses isn’t as far-fetched as it seems. Evidently, we were the only ones interested, as 3,000 of you nerds certainly weren’t.

Here: Iron Man Is The Most Believable Of All The Superheroes

In all seriousness, we sincerely thank you for your support of Nerds on Earth in 2019, even the 3,000 of you who didn’t read the above articles. We’re thrilled you’ve found Nerds on Earth and we’ll write better articles in 2020 than the 7 listed above.

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