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The Punchlist: This Week’s News for Nerds

Welcome to this weekÔÇÖs PUNCHLIST, where we round up the biggest news in nerd culture. It might be from the MCU, board gaming, D&D, and more. But whatever the news is this week, you can bet it will eventually separate you from your money.

7. Conan Series in Development at Netflix

Netflix now has exclusive rights for both animated and live action adaptations of Robert E. Howard’s legendary Conan the Barbarian stories. One project is already underway at Netflix, complete with an executive producer and production company, but not much else is known at the moment. The series will be the first Conan adaptation since 2011’s Conan the Barbarian starring Jason Momoa, and if it is animated it will be the first since 1994.

+ More here: Conan the Barbarian Netflix Series

6. Renegade Games Announces New Licensing and Games

Renegade Game Studios expanded its licenses to include GI Joe, Transformers, and My Little Pony. In addition, two new Power Rangers games were announced: a deck-builder and an RPG that will be based on Dungeons and Dragons 5e rules. The Power Ranger titles join the Heroes of the Grid miniatures game that’s sold well and has several expansions.

+ More here: Renegade Games Studios New IPs and Games

5. Critical Role’s Mighty Nein Getting a Munchkin Title

The OP just announced that The Mighty Nein are coming to Steve Jackson’s Munchkin gaming system in February of next year. Players can take on the role of any of the main characters from the widely popular Critical Role series, and will be delighted to see other familiar faces, items, and nods to the campaign and its setting, Wildemount, as they loot and fight their way to Level 10. It will retail for $24.99.

+ More here: Munchkin: Critical Role

4. Jamie Foxx Confirmed as Electro in Spider-Man 3

The as-of-yet untitled third Spider-Man movie will feature Jamie Foxx’s Max Dillon/Electro – though the blue skin is being done away with. Foxx announced the news in a tweet that began with “Tell Spidey let’s run it back!” It also featured a fan-made image of three Spider-men which has lead to more speculation that the multiverse may be introduced in the new film, but nothing on that front is confirmed. Maybe we’ll finally get The Sinister Six!

+ More here: Jamie Foxx Reprising Electro

3. Origins Awards 2020 Winners Announced

The winners of the 46th annual Origins Awards are as follows:

  • Best Board Game/Game of the YearTiny Towns
  • Best Card Game: Point Salad 
  • Best Family Game: The Quacks of Quedlinburg
  • Digital AdaptationTsuro VR
  • Best Collectible Game: Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Black Panther and the Illuminati Booster Brick
  • Best Roleplaying GameTeens in Space 
  • Best Game Accessory: Citadel Contrast Paint
  • Best Miniatures GameWarcry 
  • Best Historical Miniatures GameBolt Action: Campaign D-Day Operation Overlord
  • Best Historical GamePandemic: Fall of Rome

+ More here: Origins Awards 2020 Winners

2. Iman Vellani Cast as Ms. Marvel

Newcomer Iman Vellani, who has no filmography otherwise, has been cast as Disney+’s Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel for the upcoming series. Khan is a Pakistani American superhero of Muslim faith, co-created by G Willow Wilson and Sana Amanat in 2013. The show does not have a set premiere date as of yet.

+ More Here: Iman Vellani is Kamala Khan

1. Fall Guys Season 2 Launches Tomorrow!

The hit party game Fall Guys gets a Season 2 glam-up on October 8th. The medieval-themed update will feature new costume pieces and games. If you hurry, you can still earn double the fame points before the update drops playing Season 1 content!

Check back next Wednesday for more news for nerds. And don’t forget to catch Clave and Abram’s Facebook Live breakdown of each week’s news Wednesdays at 4:30pm CST!

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