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The Punchlist: This Week’s News for Nerds

Welcome to this week’s PUNCHLIST, where we round up the biggest news in nerd culture. It might be from the MCU, board gaming, D&D, and more. But whatever the news is this week, you can bet it will eventually separate you from your money.

7. Universal Strikes Deal with Cinemark Theaters for Shortened Theatrical Window

Instead of releasing its titles straight to VOD, Universal has reached an agreement – first with AMC Theaters and now with Cinemark – that their films will have a 17-day theatrical stay before releasing on demand. The deal also includes a 14-day extension clause for any movie that opens to $50 million or more. All this in an effort to keep movie theaters viable business.

+ More here: Universal and Cinemark Theater Window

6. Power Rangers Deck-Builder on the Way from Renegade Games

The game is described as an asymmetric competitive deck-builder in which one or two heroes battle against one or two villains in a last-man-standing format. Players on the hero side can choose from any of the original six Rangers (red, blue, yellow, black, pink, and green), and the villains lineup includes classic and familiar faces such as Lord Zed, Rita, Goldar, and more. The components list also includes cards for Zords and even the Megazord/Mega Dragonzord, which is awesome! It will retail for $45.

+ More here: Power Rangers Deck-Builder

5. Marvel Studios: “Tony Stark is Dead, and That’s Our Story.”

Rumors have riddled the internet since Avengers: End Game that Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark would return to the MCU after that movie’s events. Vice President of Production Victoria Alonso thinks not, claiming that death in the MCU is permanent. She says,

Tony Stark is dead, and that’s our story. Resurrection I do not know. I do not know how we would do it. It seems to me that the story of Tony Stark is over.

+ More here: Tony Stark is Dead

4. Book Four of The Stormlight Archive Released Yesterday

Entitled Rhythm of War, Brandon Sanderson’s newest installment in The Stormlight Archive dropped yesterday, November 17th. The book featured on The Huffington Post’s 10 Most Anticipated Book Releases of November 2020, and early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. You can order your copy using the link below!

+ More here: Rhythm of War

3. HBO Max “Working On” Reviving The Venture Bros

Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros was cancelled in September of this year, almost immediately spawning the hashtag #SaveTheVentureBros. Word got around to HBO Max general manager Andy Forssell who told Twitter that while “there’s nothing imminent…know that we’re working on it.”

+ More Here: #SaveTheVentureBros

2. The Mighty Nein Graphic Novel Series Announced

Entitled “The Mighty Nein Origins,” the series will focus on members of Critical Role’s Mighty Nein in a time before the events of the livestream series. The first volume will focus on Jester Lavorre and release June 16, 2021, and the second will feature Caleb Widogast and drop July 14, 2021.

+ More here: The Mighty Nein Origins

1. Minecraft Getting a Massive Star Wars DLC

The massively popular sandbox creation video game Minecraft is getting a Star Wars DLC big enough to choke ten banthas. Iconic character skins, locations, planets, flyable starfighters, hyperspace travel, new blocks, missions and more…Elements from the original trilogy as well as The Mandalorian (including The Child!) are available now. Catch the trailer below!

Check back next Wednesday for more news for nerds. And don’t forget to catch Clave and Abram’s Facebook Live breakdown of each week’s news Wednesdays at 4:30pm CST!

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