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Recap And Review Of The Mandalorian, S2E6: Chapter Fourteen, “The Tragedy”

Mando follows Ahsoka’s advice all the way to Tython, and when he gets there, the adventuring party grows in size.

Recap of The Mandalorian, S2E6: “The Tragedy”

We open up with Mando playing catch with Grogu – a very dad thing to do, to be sure. But as pleased as Mando is with Grogu’s force abilities, you can tell he’s more than a little saddened by the realization that he can’t train him properly and he’s on a course to connect the little tyke with people who can.

Upon arrival on Tython, Mando and Grogu waste no time ascending to the Jedi Temple Ahsoka pointed them towards. However, as Mando tries to sort out how the Temple site works, a familiar ship descends upon their position: Slave I!

Image: Lucasfilm

Boba Fett approaches Mando and explains he’s here for his armor. But he means his armor, not that which Mando is currently wearing. Mando is still apprehensive – asking if this guy is even a Mandalorian. Boba explains that he either gets his armor back, or Grogu catches a shot from his hidden sharpshooter. The two forces agree to lay down arms (and jetpacks) as they strike a deal: In exchange for the armor, Fett promises to ensure Grogu’s safety. And this is when the sharpshooter’s identity is revealed: Fennec Shand is back – though she’s had a little biomechanical work done on her abdomen.

There’s not much time to chat as an Imperial drop ship descends on their position and the episode goes full-on video game. Grogu has managed to tap into the Jedi Temple’s power, and try as he might (And Mando does try…three times…unsuccessfully. Apparently “third time’s the charm” is not a reliable idiom in the Star Wars universe), Mando can’t seem to penetrate the barrier surrounding Grogu to make his escape.

Fett and Fennec fight off a couple waves of Stormtroopers from the drop ship (who were apparently packed in there like sardines, making their exit evocative of a clown car) – including Indiana Jones-ing (that’s right, it’s a verb now) a boulder down upon half a dozen of them and a minigun operator who makes poor choices.

Another drop ship descends, and in the chaos of the battle, Fett sneaks aboard the Razor Crest and retrieves his iconic armor. When he rejoins the fight, he does so with flair! This frightens the Stormtroopers who attempt a retreat, but Boba blows one ship into the other with his jetpack-mounted missile.

Moments later, the Razor Crest is blown to smithereens from above, and four Dark Troopers descend upon the Jedi Temple. There’s a scramble to ascend the Temple in time to intervene in the kidnapping, but Mando and Fennec are too late. As the Dark Troopers ascend with Grogu in hand, Boba follows to find an Imperial cruiser.

With Grogu in the hands of the Empire and the armor returned to Fett, Mando thinks the deal is complete as he stands in the spot the Razor Crest used to occupy – retrieving Grogu’s favorite “ball” and the beskar pike. But Fett explains that he and Fennec remain in his debt until Grogu is returned safely.

Mando heads back to Cara Dune on Nevarro to ascertain the location of Bill Burr’s Migs Mayfield, who Mando believes can help him locate Gideon’s ship. Dune is reluctant to help (she’s a marshal under the New Republic now, after all) until Mando explains that the Empire has the child.

We then cut up to Gideon’s ship to find Grogu smashing two Stormtroopers together with The Force like so many action figures (even getting a choke hold or two in). Gideon keeps his escorts from intervening, with a smile on his face. When Grogu gets all tuckered out, Gideon has the little guy stunned and shackled and requests a message sent to Doctor Pershing that the asset is in hand and on its way.

Recap of The Mandalorian, S2E6: “The Tragedy”

So it finally happened: The Empire is in possession of the Child aka the asset aka Grogu. While it is definitely a heartbreaking development, I, for one, am glad to see the Empire score a win. It makes them feel less inept and more significant. I did think it was odd that Mando isn’t shown reacting emotionally to Grogu’s capture, though. As much bonding as the two have undergone, especially this season, it was strange not seeing him panic just a little. Or scream. This would have been a good place to drop in a “Nooooooooooo!”

Image: Lucasfilm

It does look like we’ll be getting that buddy cop Mandalorian team-up I dreamed of a couple episodes back! At least for a short time. I’m still here for it.

The shootout between the Stormtroopers and our heroes felt every bit like a video game. They had to defend an objective (Grogu) while facing down wave after wave of bad guys. I didn’t dislike it by any means!

And the next two episodes will be huge. I imagine we’ll see Cara, Boba, Mando, and Fennec partied up – not to mention Mayfield, who I assume they have to spring first, and probably Greef Carga too, right? AND since Grogu successfully tapped into the Jedi Temple, I’m guessing some Jedi will come looking and show up at an appropriate narratively significant moment. Grogu’s ritual is definitely Chekov’s gun.

Quick hits and observations from “The Tragedy”:

  • The Mandalorian continues to pull characters and inspiration from Star Wars titles in other mediums. The Dark Troopers made their debut in 1995’s Star Wars: Dark Forces video game, and have featured in many others since.
  • The Razor Crest has really been through it this season, ha! As we watched this episode, my mother exclaimed “That poor guy has bad luck with his ship” when it was blown up. My first reaction: “Oh, no! Grogu’s ball!” But don’t worry. He finds it.
  • Some of Mando’s dialogue early on felt very Force-wary, which I like. He asks Grogu if he wants to learn more “Jedi stuff,” refers to the stone on the Jedi Temple as a “magic rock,” and asks Grogu, “Does this look Jedi to you?” It would fit within the Mandalorian beef with Jedi for him to diminish The Force, but I wonder if it has more to do with Mando’s understanding that The Force is what may lead to his separation from Grogu and he just doesn’t like that.
  • Grogu’s meditation creates a Force-field. GET IT?!
  • About two seconds after Fennec brags that she never misses a shot, she misses quite a bit. And for some reason she runs across the top of a ridge when under minigun fire instead of dropping behind it for cover. That felt unwise. But I will say this: The little belly flap she’s got just so she can show off her new clockwork innards is dope. It exists for no other reason than to flash her gear guts and that is silly, but I love it.
  • Why doesn’t Mando use his jetpack to get to the top of the Jedi Temple ahead of the Dark Troopers? I get that he took it off, but he can literally control it remotely. He could have recalled it and snagged Grogu instead of hoofing it up the hill fruitlessly. Heck, he could have grabbed it when the first drop ship descended! He was standing right next to it.
  • Boba Fett, in disbelief: “The Empire is back”…after shooting and beating dozens of Stormtroopers for a good ten minutes, but not before seeing the Cruiser. Guess he’s a little slow on the uptake. Also: His knobkierrie weapon thing was awesome.
  • Gideon smirks when Grogu is using the force because it is definitely some dark side action on Grogu’s behalf. I, for one, think Darth Grogu has a nice ring to it.
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