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Marvel Strike Force: Who or What is the Infinity Watch?

Welcome back to MSF Mondays! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force!

The Infinity Watch is the latest team coming to Marvel Strike Force and it is anchored by new Legendary character Adam Warlock. We’ll talk bit below about the details of the Adam Warlock and Infinity Watch character releases as they pertain to the game but we’ll also be sprinting in comic book lore because these are characters unfamiliar to most casual fans, so it’s helpful to have a little bit of context to deepen your immersion with the game.

Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch: Assembling Your Team

Adam Warlock is the first of what is called a “Mythic Legendary,” meaning there are additional requirements like ISO-8 that are needed to unlock the character in addition the the typical character and star requirements. Remember, the definition of Legendary characters in MSF is “hard to get” rather than necessarily the most epically-powered Marvel characters in the comics or movies, but in the case of Adam Warlock, he’s both hard to get in the game and also epically-powered in the comics.

He’ll be the anchor of the new Infinity Watch team that is called “Apex,” meaning it will be introduced as an ultra-high powered team that is designed to disrupt the meta of the game, shaking up the players’ thinking about who to use in modes like WAR and Arena.

The Infinity Watch team will be filled out by the following characters :

  1. Nebula
  2. Gamora
  3. Moondragon
  4. Phyla-Vell (rumored)

Nebula and Gamora have long been among the least-viable MSF characters, with Nebula being bottom of the barrel. Both characters are getting major reworks as part of the Infinity Watch team with striking boosts, like 100% increase in health in Gamora’s case. This will significantly elevate both characters and their viability.

Moondragon is a new character and early looks at her kit suggest she’ll be released at a power level commiserate with the most powerful characters in the game and viable for end-game content. She’ll be introduced during Pride Month, so speculation is her partner in the comics, Phyla-well, will be the 5th Infinity Watch character.

Adam Warlock appears to be an absolute beast and will be immediately among the best MSF characters upon release, meaning MSF is true to their word: Infinity Watch will be an Apex team.

Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch: The Comics

Adam Warlock is a weird comic book character and that’s saying something for comics. He was released in the LSD-heavy era of 70s Marvel Comics and it shows. His first appearance was Marvel Premiere: The Power of Warlock #1 but after 2 issues the character was transitioned to his own series, The Power of Warlock, as Marvel Premiere featured rotating characters.

The cosmic-powered characters bounced around until the early 90s when Warlock and the Infinity Watch was released to support the Thanos-inspired comics at the time. So, created by Roy Thomas in the 70s, it was the Jim Starlin comics of the 90s that really popularized the character. Later, Adam Warlock was used by the fan-favorite Dan Abnett Annihilation comics of the 00s that also popularized the Guardians of the Galaxy team we now love from the movies.

Adam Warlock is a space mage who often battled the Universal Church of Truth when he wasn’t battling Thanos. He often teamed with Moondragon and her partner Phyla-Vell. Moondragon is the daughter of Drax but it gets weird because of comics. She’s a powerful telepath who can summon the astral form of a cosmic dragon. Or something. It’s real weird.

She’s an expert hand-to-hand combatant and is known for her shaved head appearance. She had a stint with the Avengers. Her partner is Phyla-Vell, who has a similarly convoluted arc in the comics. If you want to do a deep dive, I suggest Marvel Wiki and getting lost for 30 minutes or to binge the Annihilation comics on Marvel Unlimited. They are truly astounding.

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander, while also increasing your Marvel comic book lore!

Game Radar

Blitz: MSF is celebrating Pride month, so America Chavez is Monday’s Blitz! Thursday brings the second run of Colleen Wing, who was just released in the game!

Upcoming Legendary:  Doc Ock and Magneto are the Legendary events to plan for. Doc Ock requires 5* X-Force members, which can be challenging considering Negasonic is locked behind a Doom Campaign node. Magneto is yours with 5* X-Men or Brotherhood members.

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