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Marvel Strike Force: Kestrel Campaign Event

Welcome back to MSF Mondays! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force!

Campaign events are absolutely my favorite new character release modes. While some people might complain about the drop rates, I very rarely miss out on a 4-star character in these events, and often I am unlocking a 5 star! Which is great considering you don’t have to put in much time in game if you play these events well!

I honestly cannot believe they are releasing Kestrel in an event campaign. All the early commentary on this MSF original character is that Kestrel is legit top-tier toon! So for a Free-to-Play play member of MSF to have a shot at a 5-star Kestrel, WOW!

Here is a template for how to approach these events.

Kestrel Campaign Event Part 1: Assembling Your Team

As you begin the campaign you will of course assemble your team of 5 toons and power through the nodes. I highly recommend focusing on 5 toons that you will want to level up regardless of the event. You shouldn’t need to pour excessive amounts of resources into your squad for this event, but if you do, you don’t want to regret it.

This event you will being using toons with the Voyager tag and here are my top 10 toons:

  1. Silver Surfer,
  2. Ghost,
  3. Captain Marvel,
  4. Nick Fury,
  5. Moon Knight,
  6. White Tiger,
  7. Bishop,
  8. Multiple Man,
  9. Falcon, and
  10. Groot.

Typically, I wouldn’t include Legendary characters in a list like this. However, since Fury is now a 3-star unlock and always available, most people should have him. Also, most should now have Silver Surfer unlocked, so consider this your green light to use SS as the anchor of your team. Otherwise this group of 10 is a great group to choose from.

Kestrel Campaign Event Part 2: Early Grind

You should breeze through the first level of this campaign as you are not limited to the Voyager tag. In the second level of difficulty, you only need 3 Voyager toons, but you are limited to Voyager only so it gets tricky for very new players. When you get to the highest difficulty level you want as many 3-star unlocks as possible, so then you can go in each day and cruise control using Auto Win with your daily energy!

Even if you hit some nodes that you can’t 3-star, you want to get the first victory unlocks so keep pushing forward. But go back after you have built up your toons to make sure an grab those 3-star unlocks. It is imperative for your success in this event that you can auto the highest nodes possible.

Kestrel Campaign Event Part 3: Cruise Control

If you have been wondering what to do with extra core currency, this is what you have been waiting for! I use all my 50 core energy refreshes for normal campaigns and often for ISO. Any other cores I have, I spend in these events! You want to maximize you orb opportunities!

When you do this, make sure to always go to your furthest progression point and work backwards. As you collect orb shards I recommend hoarding and opening all at once, but I get it, we play a game on our phone cause we are all about the quick fix! So do what you want with your orbs.

Your goal should be a 4-star character unlock and you could possibly get 5-star with lucky pulls. But don’t be dismayed if you don’t get all Kestrel in the middle column of these orbs, because there are a lot of other characters worth getting through these orbs.

Unfortunately Silver Surfer is not one of the characters available. THAT would have been just insane!

However, with the value of some of the toons who may drop there are additional benefits from these events:

Landing Hard-to-Farm Characters

  • Bishop – Non-fountainable
  • White Tiger – Non-fountainable
  • Moon Knight – Non-fountainable
  • Yellow Jacket – Doom 3.6 (needed for Jubilee who should be returning soon)

Landing any of these characters will put you ahead of the curve as you progress through the game because they are either later nodes or orb exclusive!

Save Valuable Currency to Farm Other Characters

  • Ghost – WAR store
  • Daredevil – Arena store
  • War Machine – Raid store
  • Rocket – Raid store

While I doubt anyone is spending Arena currency on Daredevil, it is nice to get the shards elsewhere so you never have to consider it. Also, with Zemo in the Raid store, I am sure most players are only using Raid currency on him and neglecting other toons from this store.

Save Valuable Farming Time

America Chavez, Captain Marvel, Elsa Bloodstone, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic, Storm: all of these characters are worth farming to at least 6 star. Any time you you can get shards like this, you can use your campaign energy in other ways, like Red Skull or Negasonic nodes!

Not to mention if you are pushing for upcoming Legendary events, you can maybe get ahead of your farming timetable with Groot and Rocket for Star Lord, or Vulture for Shuri and Sue Storm!

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

Game Radar

Blitz: Summer is right around the corner, so take a dip with Deadpool on Monday’s Blitz! Thursday brings Electra, who just received a new Costume with the latest update!

Current Events: The Kestrel Event! If you need more information on this, I highly recommend you read above!

Upcoming Legendary:  Black Bolt launches Monday night, which means Maw is right around the corner. Remember you need Black Bolt and 4 other Inhumans to unlock Ebony Maw.

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