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Marvel Strike Force: Getting the Most from the Sharon Carter Event

Welcome back to MSF Mondays! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force!

Campaign events are absolutely my favorite new character release modes. While some people might complain about the drop rates, I very rarely miss out on a 4 star character in these events, and often I am unlocking a 5 star! Which is great considering you don’t have to put in much time in game if you play these events well! 

Our topic this week is the Sharon Carter event.

MSF: Sharon Carter Event

Here is a good video on events by Boilon on how to maximize this event. Most of these videos are pretty similar, but Boilon does go a little more in-depth on the team that most early game players will be able to assemble! 

I have broken down most of the info from the video into these 3 easy steps! 

1. Sharon Carter Event: Early Grind

As you begin the campaign you will of course assemble your team of 5 toons and power through the nodes. Boilon does a good job of talking through early game player team compositions in his video. I also always recommend focusing on 5 toons that you will want to level up regardless of the event.

A great team to focus on would be:

  • Symbiote Spider-Man
  • Emma Frost
  • Thanos
  • Minnerva
  • Hela

These are are all great Dark Dimension 2 and 3 characters. You won’t regret pouring resources into these characters if you have them unlocked and ready for this event! 

As you progress through the campaign, you want as many 3 star unlocks as possible, so then you can go in each day and cruise control with auto win with your daily energy! 

Even if you hit some nodes that you can’t 3 star, you want to get the first victory unlocks so keep pushing forward.

2. Sharon Carter Event: Then Cruise Control

When you do this, make sure to always go to your furthest progression point and work backwards. As you collect orb shards I recommend hoard and opening all at once, but I get it, we play a game on our phone cause we are all about the quick fix! So do what you want with your orbs.

Your goal should be 4 star character unlock and you could possibly get a 5 star with lucky pulls. But don’t be dismayed if you don’t get all Shatterstar in the middle column of these orbs, because there are a lot of other characters worth getting through these orbs. 

3. Sharon Carter Event: Energy Refreshes

If you have been wondering what to do with extra core currency, this is what you have been waiting for! I use all my 50 core energy refreshes for normal campaigns and often for ISO. Any other cores I have, I spend in these events! You want to maximize you orb opportunities, particularly in events like this one! 

Additional Benefits from the MSF: Sharon Carter Event

Some additional benefits from these events are:

1. Land harder to farm characters.

Events like Sharon Carter’s are great because the orbs drop shards fro characters that can be harder to get. Some examples below:

  • Beast – Only recently be available in nodes.
  • Minnerva – Orb exclusive character outside of WAR buys.
  • Negasonic – Doom 1.9 node so most of us aren’t even able to farm her yet! 
  • Thanos – Nexus 8.9, a node early players haven’t unlocked.
  • Hela – Villains 7.6
  • Proxima – Doom 2.9, another node early players haven’t unlocked.

Highest on my wish list here have to be Beast or Negasonic. Landing any of these characters will put you ahead of the curve as you progress through the game because they are either later nodes or orb exclusive! 

2. You can save on valuable currency to farm other characters.

  • DeadPool – Arena
  • Human Torch – Arena
  • Scarlet Witch – Arena
  • Pyro – WAR

WAR and Arena store currency are so valuable and the characters here are good, but should not be prioritized over other store characters. Hope you get lucky on your Sharon Carter orbs drops!

3. You can save on time in-game.

Grinding characters shards can be a…well, grind. Events like the Sharon Carter Event mixes up your routine in a great way, in that the additional orbs can allow you progress in areas where you’d typically need to slowly grind it out. Some example characters:

  • Ms. Marvel 
  • Black Widow
  • Quake
  • Vision
  • Groot
  • Mysterio

All of these characters should be farmed early on, but now you can speed up the process of unlocking them with some lucky drops! 

Not to mention if you are pushing for upcoming Legendary events, you can maybe get ahead of your farming timeline with Groot and Mysterio drops.

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander, while also increasing your Marvel comic book lore!

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