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TMNT: Legends: Is this mobile game worth a try?

The Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles: LEGENDS game is radical!

TMNT: LEGENDS is a mobile game by Ludia and is a Nickelodeon property. This game is a bit older and flew under the radar for me, but as I have lessened my activity in Marvel Strike Force I have been looking for a game that could grab my attention.

Well, TMNT: LEGENDS has grabbed me in all the areas that MSF had! (Don’t get cute with that.) It has a similar turn-based game style MSF has, as well as many similar game modes. It also satisfies the nostalgia of favorite fictional characters from my childhood (I am a 90s kid) and also is catching me up on newer versions of Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles! 

Is TMNT: LEGENDS worth a try?

Even though TMNT: Legends is older it wasn’t overwhelming to jump into for me like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. That game just had too much for me to wrap my head around, whereas TMNT: Legends eases you in and there isn’t an unbearable amount of activity needed to feel as if you are progressing at a good pace.

Granted, I am rather unaware if the player base is nearly as competitive as MSF or even SWGoH, and that is ok with me, as I am just looking for a fun game to play on my iOad with my 5-year-old son. He LOVES this game as well, as this game is not nearly as complex with synergies and doesn’t have timers on things, so it makes it very friendly for my son to play any mode. 

The animations are simpler so the game loads quickly, which is also a huge bonus for us! Also, back to the nostalgia for a bit, the backgrounds are pretty cool, some I remember from the original TMNT Arcade game and I am sure all of the backgrounds are pulled from the ever growing TMNT fictional universe. Some story modes are set up to look like pages from comics and such. The creators have a done a really good job at setting the TMNT feel in this game with the backgrounds, game play, and characters! Makes me want to track down all my old TMNT toys. 

The game is by no means perfect, they get a little pushy with the game pass as it pops anytime you unlock a new character. Also you have to watch a lot of ads to collect bonus mutagen and pizza (your level up currency and energy respectfully).

However, these games have to make money somehow, otherwise we don’t get to play them, so those are minor things in the scope of play. It is also hard to track down good content to get advice on this game but here is a decent link from 3 years ago that helped me learn how to build for future success in TMNT: Legends.

I may not go as hard on this game as I once did with MSF. My goal right now is pretty simple: Unlock all the classic versions of characters, and so far I only have Bebop. So, I have a ways to go, but I am having fun even with the grind that comes along with these types of games!

The Nickelodeon characters are pretty cool too. Though there are some characters that stick out animation wise such as the newer movie version which are much more detailed, I will still collect them but would like to use them together as a team so they have a little more cohesion graphically, but that is just me being nitpicky. 

As of right now, this game is scratching me right where I itch and I am happy to log in and complete my daily activities and unlock characters. That’s all I really ever want in a mobile game! 

Well, I hope this article piqued your interest and you give TMNT: Legends a try! 

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