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Marvel Strike Force: Lady Deathstrike Lab X-Periments Event


Welcome back to MSF Mondays! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force!

The Lady Deathstrike Lab X-Periments Event just started right before the weekend. This is our first opportunity to really accumulate the necessary Shards to unlock the adamantine assassin. At the same time, this is the second Marvel Strike Force event in recent memory to utilize a completely separate shop, giving players the chance to pick and choose what they want to purchase with their hard-earned Mini Candy.

This flexibility is nice, but it poses the question: what do I spend all this Mini Candy on? How do we get the most bang for our candied buck? That’s the point of this post, so let’s get maximizing!

Lady Deathstrike Marvel Strike Force
Unlock Lady Deathstrike with the Lab X-Periments Event!

MSF: Lab X-Periments Mini Candy Overview

At the time this article goes live, there will be less than 7 days left in the Lab X-Periments Event, so we’re already a little behind the eight ball on this one. The event features fresh Milestones every day, granting Mini Candy, Phase Bits, the new Teal Gear, and Lady Deathstrike shards.

Mini Candy can be used in the new Mini Candy store, which is a limited-time store that will CLOSE six days after the Event. So please don’t sit on your Mini Candy too long, otherwise you’ll lose it forever. That’s why planning ahead is very important, to make sure that you time out your purchases accordingly. The good thing about this is that if you forget to purchase Lady Deathstrike shards or something else, there’s a grace period for you to make that up.

Make sure that you’re completing those Daily Milestones every day. In order to earn points towards the Milestones, you just need to play the game as normal. No really – if you do that, you should be able to complete them all without much trouble. Here’s the scoring breakdown:

  • Win or Lose an Arena Battle
  • 50 Points – Win or Lose a Raid Battle
  • 20 Points – Win a Battle in Blitz (non-simmed)
  • 15 Points – Win a Simmed Battle in Blitz
  • 10 Points – Win a Blitz battle with Pierced Veil characters
  • 9 Points – Win a Simmed Blitz battle with Pierced Veil characters

Pierced Veil is a new temporary tag applied to certain characters. It’s important to note that the tag doesn’t apply to the Arena or Raid battles that you’re winning, so you won’t be sacrificing progress in those areas by participating in this event. If you’re having trouble completing all of the milestones, I recommend using your 25-cost Blitz refreshes on teams comprised solely of Pierced Veil Tags. That should push you over the edge.

Another tip is to use all 5 of your Arena battles, but don’t use them all right away. Let the Blitz and Raid points carry you over the finish line for the day after using your initial 2 attacks. Then, after the daily refresh, use your remaining three Arena battles to give you a jumpstart on the next days’ Milestones.

MSF: Lab X-Periments Spending Strategy

If you successfully complete all of the Milestones over the course of the event, here’s your Halloween Haul per day:

  • 12,000 Mini Candies per day = 120,000 Total
  • 5 Lady Deathstrike Shards per day = 50 Total
  • 2,500 Silver Phase Bits per day = 25,000 Total

Lady Deathstrike unlocks after 100 shards, so you’ll need to buy Shards 10 times from the Mini Candy Store to unlock her at 3 stars. You’ll have to buy Shards an additional 16 times to earn an extra 80 shards to bring her up to 4 stars. Doing this would leave us with 55,000 Mini Candies to spend in the store, which isn’t quite enough to bring Lady Deathstrike up to 5 stars.

If you really want to get a 5 star Lady Deathstrike, you can ONLY buy Lady Deathstrike Shards in the Store. On top of that, you’ll also need to crack open a couple of the Tough as Nails orbs to earn the final 20 Shards for the upgrade.

I haven’t talked about the Silver Phase Bits yet, but you can use those to unlock an Event-exclusive costume for Venom, Ancient Pharaoh! It seems kind of outlandish within the game, yet I can still see the appeal. If that’s something you’re into, you’ll need to buy Silver Phase Bits 13 times (for a total of 26,000). Combined with the Silver Phase Bits that you earn from the Milestones, you’ll have the 50,000 needed to buy the Venom Ancient Pharaoh costume.

Therefore, if you get a 4 star Lady Deathstrike and the Venom costume, you’ll be left with 29,000 Mini Candies to spend on other things in the Mini Candy Store. The only thing that I plan on spending this Mini Candy on is a pile of Teal gear, because I’m not in a position to earn that through Doom raids at the moment. It really depends on your status in the game right now, but uniques would be another good spend-point if you see them.

If costumes aren’t really your thing, then I’d recommend working on Lady Deathstrike and Teal gear. If you have a Gold gear bottleneck, however, then feel free to buy that and give yourself a leg up in that regard. Whatever you decide, you had better gobble all that Mini Candy up!

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

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