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Marvel Strike Force: Beating Doom Campaign Nodes 4-1 to 4-3

Welcome back to MSF Mondays! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force!

The latest game update gave us a new set of Doom campaign nodes to tackle! Although I’ll have to go back and start this series with Chapter 1, today I’m going to run through the best ways to 3-star Doom Chapter 4. I don’t necessarily want to focus on my team power, because there are multiple ways to tackle these nodes.

However, I do want to talk about strategy, things to look out for, and primary targets as you work towards farming Symbiote Spider-Man!

MSF: Doom Nodes 4-1 to 4-3

The first three nodes require: Spider-Verse, New Warriors, or Heroes for Hire. Right now, New Warriors are an amazing trio that ensures you get plenty of ability energy through Deathpool, and tons of Area of Effect damage thanks to Cloak & Dagger. Spider-Verse will be the next pool to draw from, as Carnage, Symbiote Spider-Man, and Doc Ock are all A-list toons with great utility.

For survivability, I like Doc Ock here. Being able to apply Regeneration to your entire team is huge in making sure you acquire that coveted 3-star ranking. I don’t like Heroes for Hire as much for these nodes, but they should be a suitable team with Shang-Chi in the mix. Symboites might be okay in Doom 4-1, because there are a lot of minions, but they might have trouble with 4-2 and 4-3.

Ideal Team: Cloak, Dagger, Deathpool, Doc Ock, Carnage*

*Can swap in Symbiote Spider-Man instead.

Doom Node 4-1

Wave 1: Taskmaster*, Kingpin, Bullseye, Vulture, Mercenary Riot Guard x2

Your biggest hurdle to start Doom 4-1 is that Taskmaster is going to blind a bunch of your team. This will set you back a turn, so you want to focus on using basic abilities or buffs that don’t care if you’re blinded. I used Doc Ock’s Special to create an extra target via his summon, as well as give me some much-needed Regeneration. Taskmaster should be your primary target.

Wave 2: Baron Zemo*, Kingpin, Shocker, Mercenary Lieutenant, Mercenary Sniper x2, Crossbones

There are a couple key players in this wave. Baron Zemo is the top target thanks to his Ability Block and overall damage output. However, don’t forget that Crossbones has a Taunt that will draw your attention if you spend too long taking down Zemo. Mercenary Lieutenant is also a threat through their buffing capabilities, but they’re squishy enough to not be much of a problem.

Wave 3: Taskmaster*, Mercenary Sniper x2

The final wave drops at 8/16, so be ready for Taskmaster to be added to the mix again. I’ve found that Deathpool is a really great option for wave 2 and 3 because of the higher number of minions on the board. More minions means easier kills, which means you get Deathpool’s bonus attacks earlier in the fight. Just like Wave 1, you want to Ability Block Taskmaster before he can blind your team, or just burst him down quickly.

Doom Node 4-2

Wave 1: Cloak x2*, Hela, Scarlet Witch, Thanos

Oh no! Now we have to fight some better toons! In this node, you want to focus fire on both Cloaks. Their ability to hit your entire squad with negative debuffs is killer. We’re just lucky that Dagger isn’t here right away otherwise it would amp up the difficulty considerably. But – she is coming in Wave 2 so take care of those Cloaks! Thanos might make this tricky with his Taunt, so you might need to compromise by taking out Thanos and one Cloak, leaving Cloak #2 as the lead target going into Wave 2.

Again, you’ll probably need to work through Blind, so pay attention to your toons to see what’s affecting them so that you don’t waste their better abilities. Hela will spread those negative effects, so she’s target #2. I like to try and spread the damage around to weaken as many enemies as possible before I take out the second toon, which will trigger the next wave.

Wave 2: Dagger*, Ebony Maw*, Heimdall, Hand Sentry, Elektra

This wave drops after you take out two toons (don’t count Hela’s Greg), and brings more synergy to Wave 1 with Maw + Thanos and Cloak + Dagger. If you didn’t take out both Cloaks, finish them off along with Dagger. Ebony Maw should be your next target, even ahead of Hela if she’s still kicking. Keep in mind that Hand Sentry will apply Stealth to the entire enemy team which will limit your targets.

If you brought Dagger around, her Ult should be ready at this stage and will work wonders in clearing the board. Hand Sentry won’t stand a chance against her power. Don’t be worried about Heimdall or Elektra, as both are a league below the other toons in this wave.

Wave 3: Cloak*, Doctor Strange, Loki, Hela

This wave triggers around 6/14, and again, we get another Cloak! This is why Dagger is a primary target in Wave 2, because otherwise you’re leaving a lot of synergy out on the board for the enemy. Focus down the remaining damage dealers like Hela, because Doctor Strange and Loki don’t have much in terms of firepower. I would just be aware of Loki’s Ultimate, as that’ll pit your high-powered toons against yourself.

Starting formation for Doom Node 4-2

Doom Node 4-3

Wave 1: Doctor Doom*, Mordo, Human Torch, Elsa Bloodstone, Doombot x4

Right out the gate, we have Doctor Doom and 4 Doombots to contend with. There are a couple approaches that you can take with this first wave. In one approach, you focus fire solely on Doctor Doom to take him out as quickly as possible. This leaves you vulnerable to more enemies that you’re neglecting.

The other approach is to try and remove all of the Doombots from the equation to make your life easier. Unfortunately, most of them will be detonated quickly, so I don’t think that’s the route to go. If you’re using Cloak & Dagger, Cloak’s Ultimate is a huge help in dishing out that AoE damage and buying yourself some time early in the fight while Dagger’s Ultimate charges up. Save Dagger’s Ult for Wave 2.

The good news is that Human Torch and Mordo are fairly weak in comparison to the other enemies, so you can always take them out if you want free Deathpool attacks. The next wave spawns at 12/20.

Wave 2: Invisible Woman, Scarlet Witch, Doombot x4

If you saved Dagger’s Ultimate, then this wave should be a cakewalk in the park. I completely focused on the Doombots and let the AoE damage take care of Sue and Scarlet Witch. Sue could get her Ultimate off, which will extend this wave, but there’s a lot less danger here compared to Wave 1. I’d recommend slow-playing it if this happens so that you can regenerate your health in preparation of Wave 3, which drops at 6/20.

Wave 3: Ghost Rider*, Scarlet Witch, Doombot x4

We’re seeing a theme here with 4 more Doombots. The key to this wave is actually Ghost Rider because he triggers free attacks when enemies perish. As a result, I recommend taking Ghost Rider out first, and then dealing with the Doombots. Taking out Scarlet Witch 2nd is a good idea so that she doesn’t heal up the bots while you’re working on them. We are fortunate that Doombots aren’t nearly as scary as Doctor Doom!

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

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