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Marvel Strike Force: Magik, Ikaris, and a Happy Thanosgiving!

Welcome back to MSF Mondays! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force!

Thanks to a double-dose helping of blog posts this week, we have a lot to unpack! Not only did we get introduced to a new X-Men character (who isn’t Gambit), we also get some juicy details on the Ikaris unlock. Lastly, we have Thanosgiving to celebrate!

Oh that X-Men member? It’s Magik! First introduced in the 1963 run of Uncanny X-Men, Illyana Rasputin is Colossus’ younger sister and wields the Soulsword, a blade that would make Final Fantasy’s Cloud green with envy.

Let’s dive into it!

MSF: Magik on the Uncanny X-Men

With the introduction of Magik to the game, we are paving the way to have three distinct X-Men teams. We already have the Astonishing X-Men, a powerhouse in their own right. And now that Magik is joining Uncanny X-Men to round out Colossus, Storm, Cyclops, and Phoenix.

Wolverine is solidly entrenched in Weapon X, and X-23 is a rockstar with X-Force. This leaves Psylocke as the odd one out, and will likely take on the role that Namor has enjoyed since She-Hulk joined the fray; slot her wherever she fits.

I’ve already seen some theorycrafting that you could use Magik in conjunction with some of the Astonishing X-Men to create a super-team. Unfortunately, this will leave you with a sub-par secondary squad of X-Men, but maybe that’s alright with you!

Since Magik’s passive grains X-Men allies with 20% drain, you can put together some amazing little combos. Beast, Jubilee, Bishop, Magik, and Phoenix could be a definite force with great ability to survive and tank hits. I’ve also seen talks of replacing Iceman with Magik in Raids, due to her synergy with Kitty Pryde and the drain buff.

Obviously, with the 30% armor bonus to Uncanny X-Men allies, that’s the most obvious place for her. Couple that with her ability to summon Dark Phoenix and that’s probably where she will stay for me. Kestrel is known for nullifying Phoenix’s rebirth, and Magik helps put an end to that nonsense.

As of now we don’t know how Magik will be released in the game, but it’s always good to look ahead and pump up your other Uncanny X-Men if you’re excited about this character. Plus, check out that blade!

The Uncanny X-Men team of the future!

MSF: Ikaris Event – Eternal Connections

Our next bit of information is the release method for Ikaris! People who have spent money to unlock Ikaris have seen impossibly good results in pairing him with Sersi. This Eternals duo can be seen taking on complete 5-toon teams and thriving. Without three dedicated members to round them out, they’re often being paired with the power-trio of New Eternals: Deathpool, Cloak, and Dagger.

The event, aptly named Eternal Connections, starts on November 22nd at the refresh. Like a few of the more recent releases, you’ll begin to earn Eternal Spirit Event currency via Milestones, and then spend that currency in the Event Store to unlock Ikaris. If you want to pick up Hawkeye’s new ‘Hawkguy’ costume, you can also spend the currency for that as well.

Certain characters will receive the limited trait ‘Eternal Connections’ and can earn more points towards the milestones that way. Here’s how the points breakdown for the 2-day milestones that repeat for 14 days:

  • Win/Lose War Battle – 50pts
  • Win/Lose Arena Battle – 30pts
  • Win/Lose Raid Battle – 20pts
  • Win Blitz Battle with Eternal Connections characters – 8pts
  • Win Blitz Battle – 16pts
  • Win Blitz Battle Sim with Eternal Connections characters – 7pts
  • Win Blitz battle Sim – 12pts

We haven’t seen a look at the Hawkguy costume yet, but you can check out a costume of the same name from the Marvel Avengers video game. It stands to reason that the costume will end up being something similar.

MSF: Thanosgiving and Infinity Feast

The last bit of news to check out is the Infinity Feast and the Thanosgiving Blitz. The Blitz is an extended 8-day Blitz where you’ll be able to pick up shards for Thanos. It’s not entirely clear, but it seems like these will function similar to how the Orb and Red Star Blitzes work. I’m assuming that we’ll actually have the regular character Blitz option next to the Thanos Blitz simultaneously. So pick and choose how you want to spend your energy, if Wasp and Polaris aren’t your cup of tea.

Progress in the Thanosgiving Blitz will also give you progress towards the Inifinity Feast Milestones. This is way to get some Prestige Orb Fragments, gear, Gold, and other items. There’s even a chance at pulling 10 Million Gold! You’ll also earn Thanosgiving Orb Fragments, which can be used starting on Thanksgiving Day for a limited time. What’s in the orb? Hopefully something better than mashed potatoes and cranberries!

The part of the update that should catch your eye is the 1 Power Core Thank You Bundle section. Every day starting November 21st at the refresh, you can head over to the Offers and pick up a reward for 1 Power Core. No matter what’s in them, these bundles should be more than worth it, so be sure not to miss them!

From all of us here at Nerds on Earth, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

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