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Marvel Strike Force: Assemble on Avengers Tower!

Welcome back to MSF Mondays! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force!

Marvel Strike Force Avengers Tower

This last update we we introduced to a brand new Marvel Strike Force game mode: Avengers Tower! You can find this mode under the Blitz section, marked by a copper-toned view of Avengers Tower that I mistook as a Viking ship’s bow at first.

So far, the reception to Avengers Tower seems to be positive. At least in our Alliance, Nerds on the Patio, we have found it to be a nice challenge and a welcome addition to the game.

What’s Avengers Tower all about? Let’s check it out!

MSF: Avengers Tower Basics

Marvel Strike Force’s Avengers Tower has been described as a different kind of Blitz. With the introduction of Simmed Blitz, players have viewed Blitz as low-effort screen time. The most dedicated and competitive players set 2-hour alarms to make sure that they stay on top of the leaderboards.

With Avengers Tower, players use their entire roster to climb the various levels of the tower, one floor at a time. Every time that you complete five floors, you unlock a new Milestone and the rewards that go along with it.

There are 75 Floors, each one progressively more difficult than the last. In fact, the final boss node features 1.1 Million Team Power made up of Dormammu, Doctor Doom, Ghost Rider, Moon Dragon, and Phyla-Vell. Talk about difficult!

For the average player, your target level will be Floor 50. The reason is because, unlike Blitz, you can only battle with each character in your Roster once per day. Therefore, the mode rewards players with a deep, powerful roster as opposed to players with top-heavy rosters and a limited number of top toons.

Since you can only use each toon one time per day, you need to carefully plan out your attacks to make sure you’re squeezing the most juice out of your roster. You can check out all of the floors – previous and upcoming – by tapping the three-person icon next to the current Floor in the center of the header.

Avengers Tower is a limited Milestone mode, meaning that it only lasts for 7 days before the Milestones are reset. If you want to get up to Floor 50, you need to be clearing just over 7 Floors per day. This will be easier for you for the first ten floors, but once you start climbing you’ll see the difficulty creeping in quickly. Floor 50 is also the point at which you unlock Milestone 10 rewards, which is the final Milestone.

Some players are already speculating that the days of traditional Blitz are numbered, soon to be replaced by Avengers Tower. Overall, it’s significantly less screen time during the day in comparison to Blitz. The downside is that you need to actually pay attention to the battles; this isn’t an Auto mode.

You will also get rewards for your overall rank in Avengers Tower, but we aren’t sure of the relative thresholds needed yet since they’re in comparison to other players. The rewards are nice, offering Teal and Gold gear which should help alleviate some of that bottleneck.

MSF: Avengers Tower Strategy

Don’t feel bad if Avengers Tower is giving you troubles. As I mentioned above, it’s a mode designed for players who have really deep rosters. But even still, you’d be hard-pressed to lead a team of minions (like the beloved Ravager Boomer) to victory in this mode.

Plan ahead to see what’s coming up in future Floors. You’ll notice the point at which your available teams becomes limited due to the increased difficulty. For example, when I began my Avengers Tower run, Floor 20 was a gut-check in which I realized that I only had a handful of teams that would be useful going forwards.

So, if you only have 5-10 teams to choose from, you only need to look that far up the ladder. What teams are weak against the teams that you’re putting up? What teams would destroy them? Do you have counters for everything presented?

Scopely has designed some really interesting combinations of toons for us to battle. These are much different than the meta teams that you are so used to battling. You won’t be seeing full Asgardian squads or Brotherhood teams. Which is nice in the sense that teams might have less synergy, but it’s also arguably more challenging because you don’t have that depth of experience to tap into.

Before starting a fight, I take a look at the individual toons that I’ll be fighting. Do they have anything in common? Who is the primary target to take out? Are there any Status conditions that I should be worried about, either inflicted on me or buffs that the enemy will receive?

Let’s take a look at Floor 27 as an example:

Marvel Strike Force Avengers Tower

On this Floor we have a couple things to worry about. First, Minn-Erva has her revive ability, so we need to take her out quickly after removing our primary target. She’s worthy of taking out first, but you’re going to be left with some heavy hitters in Baron Zemo and X-23.

Secondly, Invisible Woman will Barrier the whole team with her Psionic Shields ability. This gives her nice synergy with Minn-Erva as the offensive characters do work. Don’t forget about Crossbones’ synergy with Baron Zemo either. He’s an easy toon to write off as weak, but he’s going to have more health, grant Baron Zemo more Armor, and also draw attention via Taunt.

And, if that wasn’t enough, Baron Zemo is known for his first-turn Ability Block. Depending on who he hits, you may be done before you are even able to take a swing. And X-23 is just a damage-dealing behemoth to boot.

If you have the firepower, I recommend trying to take out Minn-Erva first, followed by Baron Zemo or X-23. I just really despise when the enemy revives, and she’s squishy enough that you should be able to burst her down relatively quickly. Once those three are down, it’s really just clean-up duty. I saved Invisible Woman for last, because I didn’t want to deal with Crossbones’ Ultimate.

Take your time and have a strategy before you just start firing off attacks. Good luck in getting those final Milestones, and hopefully your leaderboard ranking rewards are fruitful!

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

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