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Marvel Strike Force: Pestilence Scourge Event

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Welcome back to MSF Mondays! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force!

The Morgan Le Fay Pestilence Scourge Event begins this week on April 13th. This is the first of the Four Horseman events and our first step towards acquiring the upcoming Apocalypse character! There are a couple things that you should know before the event starts so that you can prepare accordingly.

First off, this is a brand new game mode. I get the impression that it’s sort of a mix between a Dark Dimension/Pocket Dimension and the Avengers Tower. The goal is to get as many points as possible while running through 10 nodes. You can do the event as many times as you’d like so long as it’s active, meaning that if you don’t hit a score that you like, you’ll be able to try again.

The other key to this event is that you’ll be able to apply modifiers, called Scourges, to your run to enhance the Difficulty further. We’ll probably see things similar to what we see in Alliance War: enemies start with X stacks of Deflect, allies start with Defense Down, etc. It will be interesting to try out different combinations to see the impact they have in conjunction with the preset Difficulty ratings.

You can allegedly use whatever toons you want for the lower Difficulty settings. However, for the higher Difficulties, you’ll be restricted in your character usage. Most notably, you’ll need to use Web-Warriors and/or Dark Hunters in order to complete the event at its highest Difficulty. Those requirements start at Difficulty 5.

If your power level is lacking for these toons, fear not! You should still be able to hit the necessary points to unlock Morgan Le Fay if you manage to finish a Run with 500K points. Alternatively, you can still unlock her with 425K points in combination with the Rank Rewards when the event ends. It’s nice that free-to-play characters should be able to unlock Morgan Le Fay if they’ve been active in recent months.

Morgan Le Fay unlocks at 3-Star, with more shards awarded for better Run Scores.

The Pestilence Scourge Event isn’t the only Scourge Event that we’ll see, and based on the wording of the blog post, it will be back in the future. Much like Pocket Dimension these will likely continue cycling through the Four Horseman after the Apocalypse Event is over the first time.

Red stars for Morgan Le Fay will be awarded based on your Rank Reward. Beyond that, Morgan Le Fay will join the ranks of Doctor Doom, Ultimus, and Ultron in the Elite Store for Dark Promotion Credits. Allegedly, there will be a new slot dedicated just to the Horsemen, so RNG should be in our favor initially for quick Red Star promotions for Morgan Le Fay.

You’ll want to push hard for this event for a couple reasons. For one, Morgan Le Fay’s kit seems to be quite good, so expect her and the Darkhold team to be meta-level for awhile. Secondly, the Pestilence Scourge Event is setting up the long game for Apocalypse. You don’t want to miss out on that Legendary! Instead of Mythic Legendary, I’ll probably call Apocalypse a Scourge Legendary or a Super-Hyper-Golden-Mythic Legendary.

Overall, I’m excited for this new game mode. It seems like it will cater to veteran players and new players alike. I really don’t have a good litmus test on whether the 425K Point requirement is going to be easily attainable or not, but remember that 425K Points is the bottom of the threshold and should be reachable at Difficulty 4. Although keep in mind that the 425K will likely need some Scourges in order to hit that number on Difficulty 4 as well.

Honestly, I’m just happy that I’ll be able to do runs multiple times. It will allow me to get a gauge for the jump between Difficulties and how that translates to my spot on the leaderboard. Too many times we’re forced to pick a lane and hope that it gets us where we need to go without any sort of reference points. But now, we have the freedom and flexibility to help guide us to our desired destination!

Just remember that we’re all being exposed to this new Scourge game mode for the first time. There will likely be some frustrations which will lead to possible tweaking to the mode as time goes on. Just do your best and hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot of you trying out your new Morgan Le Fay toons later this week!

And now I’ll close this out with things to watch out for this week in Marvel Strike Force:

  • Blitz: Agent Coulson & Proxima Midnight
  • Blitz Events: Avengers Tower until April 15th
  • Legendary Event: Doctor Octopus all week
  • Scourge Event: Pestilence Scourge Morgan Le Fay starting April 13th.
  • Other Events: Forbidden Knowledge Doctor Strange (Heartless), Payday Flash Event April 15th

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

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