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Marvel Strike Force: Gambit in the House and Cosmic Crucible Overview

Welcome back to MSF Mondays (even though it’s Tuesday)! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force!

Well it’s official: Gambit is coming to Marvel Strike Force! After all of the hoping, dreaming, and praying(?), we finally get the card-throwing mutant that’s one of the most beloved mutants in the X-Men universe.

Gambit joins Marvel Strike Force as a key member of the new Unlimited X-Men team. At the same time, we also get Fantomex and Dazzler. Be sure to check out that Dazzler link to get an in-depth look at Dazzler’s history.

The Unlimited X-Men team is the first team designed solely around Cosmic Crucible, a new game mode that’s on the horizon. Members of the team have some bonuses that only apply while in the mode. And, if the past is any indicator of the future, we will probably have some leaderboards or character unlocks tied to the Cosmic Crucible. Therefore, this isn’t a team that we should skip.

Cosmic Crucible details aren’t fully hashed out yet, but there are a couple things that we do know:

  • There are 8 players in a bracket. Brackets will likely be assigned via a skill rating at some point.
  • You go up and down the ladder depending on whether you win your matchup or not.
  • Each player sets 8 teams on defense, and will try to overcome the defense of their opponent, similar to Alliance War.
  • Rooms have bonuses similar to Alliance War, although they are more involved. Think Scourge modifiers but for rooms. For example, if a character has Speed Up, clear it and apply 2 turns of Slow and Trauma.
  • Whoever clears more rooms wins. In case of a tie, points are awarded based on knockouts, efficiency, etc.

Cosmic Crucible will have rewards each Season, primarily in the form of Teal Gear. Hence, we have another reason to push in this mode. Because of the limited matchups, it’s unclear how much screen time this adds to the game, but something needs to give. There are so many modes vying for our attention right now, and Scopely needs to find a way to dial things back to give us some sanity.

Spider-Woman is also coming soon via the A-Force of Nature Event. Oh yeah, that reminds me that we’re getting an A-Force team too! As far as the Event, this is a month-long milestone event that should double-up and align with other milestones throughout the month.

This also features the release of ‘Quick Rumble’ Blitzes. Instead of the typical two characters per week, we are just getting a single character Blitz followed by the Quick Rumble. Quick Rumbles have character restricts and offer slightly different points breakdowns instead of just winning Blitzes. For example, winning with a 7-Star character will grant bonus points.

Check out the graphic below for more Quick Rumble Blitz information:

This past blog update was a big one, and we’re experiencing what feels like a turning point in the game. With Morgan Le Fay out in the world, the Arena meta is shaking up. Darkhold is starting to assert their dominance, while we’re seeing changes to the weekly schedule that’s been the backbone of the game for years.

We’ll see where the game takes us!

And now I’ll close this out with things to watch out for this week in Marvel Strike Force:

  • Blitz: Thing & Hydra (Quick Rumble)
  • Blitz Events: Avengers Tower until April 15th
  • Legendary Event: Ebony Maw
  • Character Events: A-Force of Natures starting May 3rd, Goblin Queen starting May 3rd
  • Other Events: Relic Hunt Event May 3rd, Knowhere Heist Flash Event May 6th

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

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