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Tips to Conquer Cosplay Anxiety

Cosplaying can look like hardcore dress up. Well...because that's exactly what it is. Beyond the look of dressing up, many cosplayers invest so much time, money, blood, sweat, and tears into making some of or all of their cosplays. A…

Nerd Nostalgia: Xena Warrior Princess

Imagine, if you will, a thirteen-year-old girl in 1997. Like most teenagers, she is slightly insecure and awkward, and at home babysitting her little brother while flipping through the channels on the huge television in her parents’ den.…

Dragon Age at Dragon con

I've gone to Dragon con for a few years now and I have dressed up each year. But it wasn't until this year that one of my cosplays really had people stopping me left and right. (Not to brag but a few friends and I were featured in a cover…

People Watching at Dragon*Con

Another Labor Day weekend gone, another Dragon*Con in the books.  This year I felt a little underwhelmed by most of the panels I sat in on (due in part to easily addressed logistical issues that I'm emailing *Con staff about later today),…
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