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Gotham: A Review of Episode 2: Selina Kyle

We’re continuing our post series where we review the television show Gotham, but with our nerdy little twist. Us Nerds on Earth writers will often banter back and forth via email, giving our first thoughts about the latest comic TV show we’re watching. It’s our version of Mystery Science Theater and our hope amidst our back-and-forth is that you end up getting a good review of the episode, even if the style is slightly off center.

Warning, spoilers.

From the title itself, we know that this week’s episode of Gotham is going to be interesting, as it is entitled “Selina Kyle.”

So what do you think about the bizarre reaction and emotional whiplash from Alfred as we find emo-Bruce Wayne using a candle to hurt himself? If this is going to be an ongoing deal, it could make for a long season. (Plus why would no one eventually get the poor kid a good therapist? Maybe, I don’t know: The Scarecrow or Harley Quinn?)

Second, the Ned-Flanders like kidnappers may be the scariest thing we have seen in a bit. Anyone looking for a creepy Halloween costume, Gotham may have given you a good one. What did you think of them and the gangster meet-up?

I just read that Netflix is making a sequel to Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger and it reminded me of Selina Kyle with all the crouching she does on rooftops. She’s totally a ninja.

One thing I can say definitively about this show: I’m curious to see more. I’m intrigued and anxious for more of Selina Kyle’s backstory to unfold. I also like the young actress, which provides me a perfect segue into the fact that I really like the casting and acting on this show thus far. Well, with one exception…

I’m not too keen on Alfred. “Bizarre reaction and emotional whiplash” is right. I think I’ll fast forward Alfred’s scenes as so far I’d prefer to watch Hulu commercials than his scenes.

Whoa, they are setting up a TON of intriguing story lines so even though I didn’t comment on the kidnappers or Harley Quinn, kid therapist, I’m going to bounce it back to you.

On the Alfred thing, we are in lock step. I am not sure what they are going for. Did Michael Caine own that role to the point that no one can pick it up again?

jada pinkett smith gotham fish mooney.

And I am definitely interested in seeing more.  They are doing a nice job of setting up some things.  For instance:

  1. The coming gang war.  Who wins? Who loses?  What does it mean for the Penguin?  (I thought that they would abandon him right away but I’m pleased that they are going to show some development on him.  Good stuff.)
  2. The Joker.  I will say this, I am pretty over the “This guy could be the Joker” moment every week.  Just, no.  Stay away from it.  Build your cast of characters without this happening every week.
  3. Bruce Wayne. So, I am still worried about the “Bruce as Robin” concern.  But psychotic Bruce wouldn’t be good either.  Though a tiny Bruce Wayne in Arkham could make for an interesting few weeks of television!

Still pulling for the redemption of Harvey (played by Donal Logue, who I am obligated to point out is OUTSTANDING in Terriers, a “dead too soon” television show now streaming on Netflix).  The work between Harvey and Gordon, as they both push each other’s boundaries has immense potential. And I do think the Selina Kyle stuff is interesting.  How much of that would be too much for you?

There is a dragon’s horde of wealth in terms of story lines they have here. Holy Writer’s Room Dilemma, Batman! I’ll share my thoughts on the list you created above:


    1. I think Jada Pinkett Smith’s character – Fish Mooney – wins first salvo in the gang war, if only because they didn’t cast her to not give her some prominence. Plus, that sets up a sweet showdown between her and Penguin, which is what we really want see, as long as that doesn’t include many scenes of Penguin’s overly adoring mother. (Side note: Hook up Alfred and Penguin’s mom to create some of the weirdest scenes ever? Think about it.)
    2. I have no thoughts here. In fact, I missed the whole reference. I’m quite embarrassed by my oversight actually. [Level up failure.]
    3. Some of the developments with Tiny Bruce Wayne have been the most fascinating to me. Tiny Bruce’s self-affliction coupled with his later utter lack of hesitation to want to help Gotham City’s orphans is in total character of the self-sacrificing Dark Knight. Additionally, the way the writer’s had him wrestling with the injustice and bureaucracy of of Gotham City’s social systems was beautifully introduced. So a wounded kid with heart for others and a hunger for justice ultimately circumvents the system to become a vigilante? Batman Begins, indeed.
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