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Reviewing LEGO Set 6212 Star Wars X-wing Fighter

It is time for the third installment of Legos with Nash, and to assist you in the reading of this post you should have the John Williams Star Wars score playing in the background, as I’m going to review Lego Set 6212 Star Wars X-wing Fighter.

I primarily collect the large Star Wars Lego sets, and today I will talk about my X-wing, which is my X-wing, and no one else’s X-wing.  This was the first larger ship set I bought and it was also the set that got me hooked!

[divider]LEGO Set 6212 Star Wars X-wing Fighter: What’s in the box?[/divider]

It is a 437 piece set with 6 mini figures:

  1. Luke Skywalker,
  2. Wedge Antilles,
  3. Princess Leia (Hoth Clothes),
  4. Han Solo (Hoth clothes),
  5. Chewie (no clothes),
  6. and R2-D2 (also no clothes).

Also, Luke comes with a Lightsaber, of course, and one of the cool features on the X-wing is a secret compartment on the bottom to store that Lightsaber!

[divider]How’s the build?[/divider]

Set 6212 is also a piece of nostalgia for me, the X-wing being one of my favorite ships from the original trilogy, with it playing a key role in the Rebel victory in A New Hope. It has a sleek battle ready design. Built for speedy maneuvering, it is perfect for being in the trenches of an Empire Battle Station!

UnknownThe X-wing has two wing positions, open for added maneuverability and closed for added speed.  Pre-construction I assumed the wings would be on some sort of hinges that you could lock into place.  However, I was quickly impressed with the structure of the X-wing’s wings.  They used a very unique crank piece so that with a simple twist of the nob, you can open and close the wings.  The use of rubber bands also keeps the wings from flapping around.  Just another way the Lego Master builders show off their engineering skills.

They also chose to stick with the vast majority of common Lego pieces so the long nose piece was constructed with two long straight portions being connected by pieces with hinges.  This essentially creates a long skinny V that would be covered up to create that normal hull look.  Big props to the Master Builders for not just creating a long hull piece for ease of construction.

When the Master Builders take the time to construct a replica piece from primarily just common Legos, they not only show off their skill, but they also help the builder to look at pieces, not as they are, but as they could be.

[divider]Final thoughts on LEGO Set 6212 Star Wars X-wing Fighter[/divider]

20630Overall, I highly recommend this set to the Star Wars Lego enthusiast.  It is wonderfully designed, looks great displayed, and is a whole heck of a lot of fun in a fire fight scenario!

It is certainly getting into the higher end price range, setting you back at least $50.  There are other X-wing models that come with just Luke, Wedge, and R2 and you might not have to pay as much as set 6212  which also includes Chewie, Han, and Leia Minifigs.  However, the mini figures are really part of the fun too, right?

Ultimately this is not a value piece to a collection, this is a statement piece.  It’s a fantastic kit that has especially high sentimental value to long time Star Wars fans and serious collectors as well.


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