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Top 7 Characters to Add to the Marvel LEGO Minifig Poly Bags!

Hey gang, it’s been a while since we talked LEGO, however with winter right around the corner, it is the perfect time of year to get back into the greatest hobby in the world. I will get back to reviews of LEGO sets, but first and foremost I want to talk about the most recent run of Lego Licensed poly bags. Poly bags have never really gotten me too excited… until now.

The latest run of Marvel studios mini figures gave me the bug to collect them all! initially I was given 3 bags as a gift for starting my new job. I opened all 3, and got 3 of the cooler ones:

  1. T’challa as Starlord,
  2. White Vision, which was my Son’s favorite, and
  3. Loki with THROG! (Thor Frog).

What’s really great about all of the minifig poly bags is that you get such a wide variety of parts that you could use for other builds if you wanted to.

I’m always sifting through accessories, tops, legs, and more to try and recreate some of my most beloved characters as LEGO minifigs. I remember when we were doing one of our Marvel Superhero drafts, which prompted me to recreate my team out of LEGO. What did I ever do with those…?

Everybody can get excited about minifigs because they are so versatile. People love to recreate themselves, their favorite characters from pop culture, and more. I’d argue that they’re the lifeblood of the LEGO universe, which incidentally runs heavily on IP deals with big names.

But having the ability to display Marvel Superheroes and see the history of the MCU incarnate in plastic is just so great. And with the addition of the Disney Plus series, there is a lot more IP to draw from.

These bags are all awesome because they represent some of the best of the current MCU. Which brings me to the point of this article, who is missing and why they should be in the next wave of poly bags:

  1. USAgent, John Walker. We don’t really need a set for Falcon and winter soldier as they released Cap Sam and Bucky in poly bags. So why not get John Walker and his amazing suit design!
  2. Zemo. This show actually has a lot of characters who we could demand, and Zemo is a MUST ADD to my collection if they release him. I want a cool purple mask that goes over the mini fig head, not just a purple LEGO head BTW.
  3. Agatha Harkness. Let’s stick with missing toons from the TV shows for now, and bring in our favorite new witch. Also there is the indication that she is getting her own spin-off show and I am here for it!
  4. Mobius. I mean, who hasn’t wanted Owen Wilson in Lego form? He was absolutely perfect in his MCU role and deserves to be immortalized as a mini figure.
  5. Taskmaster. I know there was a mini figure released as part of a Black widow set, but let’s be honest. The shield was a let down. With all the cool versions of Cap’s shield out there, let’s get Taskmaster a proper shield, and again, would like a helmet not just a printed mini figure head.
  6. Red Guardian. Much of the same reasoning as Taskmaster. Let’s get a rework of R.G. with a proper shield, and if anyone from Lego is listening, you could probably get a very cool breastplate piece like medieval armor to emulate David Harbors physique from the movie. Also, cap style helmet as well, if that wasn’t clear.
  7. Ultron-Vision. This list would not be complete without the iconic villain from the “What if..” series. We have a lot of “What if…” sets and even got a few mini figures in poly bags. However, the one that I just can’t live with out, is Ultron-Vision!

Well, by Nerds on Earth law, I only get 7 per list. Did I miss any that you can’t live without?! It’s hard to keep track of all the characters that are already in minifig form, and which ones I’ve imagined! And even despite the numerous Marvel LEGO minifigs out there, I feel like LEGO has only begun to scratch the surface on the genre.

Also, be on the lookout for more Lego articles such as caring for Lego and highest value sets on the market right now!

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