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The Best Comic Book Podcasts

Clave recently looked at two Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcasts and while I have listened to both, I have to say, I wound up keeping The Adventure Zone in my feed and not Clave’s pick. (Sorry buddy!)

D&D out of the way, I wanted to discuss two podcasts about comics that I think are noteworthy and worth subscribing to.

[divider]Best Comic Book Podcasts: iFanboy[/divider]

First off, I have to say, I probably wouldn’t be writing for the Nerds on Earth website if it wasn’t for the iFanboy podcast.  I discovered their podcast a long time ago and it is what got me back into comics and comic book culture.

The format of the iFanboy podcast is simple: a review of this week’s books, including the Pick of the Week. Part of the show’s appeal to me is the format, where I can hear about and discover new books.But the show also works because of the banter and comraderie between the hosts, Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick.

The iFanboy empire used to be much larger, including video reviews and more, but the guys couldn’t make it financially work and so they have returned to just the podcast, which I am incredibly grateful that they continue to make.  It is truly one of the best things I listen to each week and worth checking out.  Even if you aren’t reading a giant stack of books each week, it is still entertaining and informative.


[divider]Best Comic Book Podcasts: Rachel and Miles Xplain the X-men[/divider]

A more recent discovery for me was the Rachel and Miles Xplain the X-men podcast. As the show wraps up its first year, the two hosts get together each week and are chronologically explaining the history of the X-men.

The format probably isn’t for everyone but I enjoy seeing them take on the often convoluted story of Professor Xavier and his band of mutants and all the spin-offs. They clearly have a love for the multiple series, the characters and aren’t afraid of holding unpopular opinions.  And, like iFanboy, they have their own brand of humor and hilarity that has allowed them to bring about some funny on-going running gags.

They also do a nice job of switching up the format occasionally and talk to people currently making some of the various X-men related titles, which gives it a different rhythm, breaking the monotony.  I am around episode 30 and I can’t recommend this podcast more, especially if you are a Claremont-era X-men fan. Plus you can catch up and get onboard just in time for the 90s and all the pouches. All of them.

[divider]Best Comic Book Podcasts: A few more options…[/divider]

I have occasionally delved into other podcasts with various degrees of enjoyment.  Some quick thoughts on those:

  • Word Balloon by John Siuntres is decent. It is at its best when it does a deep Q and A with various writers and artists, so it might be worth looking at the back catalog and picking episodes you may enjoy.
  • Oh! Comics is the new podcast of the website, and it features former iFanboy writer and contributor Paul Montgomery.  It still feels like it is getting its podcasting legs but Paul is a great host, loves comics and it is worth checking in on occasionally.

Do you have a comic book related podcast that you think we should check out? Leave a comment and let us know what we may be missing out there!

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