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7 High-Tech Marvel Characters

In thinking about the Marvel Universe a common misconception is that it solely belongs to those with super powers.  While the bulk of the main characters you will meet are super-powered, sometimes it’s just good ‘ole technology. Here is a list of 7 High-Tech Marvel Characters.

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1 – Iron-man/War Machine

SJPA_Iron_Man_1Tony Stark and James Rhodes couldn’t be more different.  However, their powers are pretty much the same, thus the slash. Ultimately their powers reside in their suits.

Of course, Tony Stark made those high-tech suits to be only compatible with the right person, ensuring not just any shmoe could wander in and steal one of his Iron-Man suits.  He designed the War Machine suit to be identical to his original design.  James Rhodes and the U.S. government of course wanted to upgrade the suit with additional weaponry and tech.

These two should always top a list of high-tech Marvel Characters.


2 – Falcon

FalconFalcon is the proud owner of one of the coolest pieces of tech in the Marvel universe, his wings.  Originally, his wings were a harness featured detachable jet-powered glider wings made of lightweight titanium ribbing and Mylar. The wings were covered with wafer-thin solar power receptors that convert sunlight into electricity to power miniature high-speed electric turbine fans in his uniform and boots. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

While this original design was destroyed, eventually giving birth to his more recently recognizable uniform, Captain America: the Winter Soldier, has resurrected the original Falcon look, much to the liking of this Marvel fan!

Besides, thanks to the Red Skull, Falcon has a special connection to his bird, Red Wing.


3 – Cable

Cable High-TechCable is one of my favorite Marvel characters, EVER.  Cable is a hybrid of mutant abilities and tech, as depending on the story arc Cable has varying levels of telekinetic and telepathic abilities.

While Cable has these abilities he is not like other mutant telepaths such as Jean Grey or Professor X, as his main power comes from his big guns and techno-organic body parts.  These parts are both a blessing and a curse depending on the story arc. He is either using his telepathic powers to fight the infection from his techno-organic body parts or he is using his techno-organic body parts for time travel purposes.

Plus, he has lots and lots of pouches.


4 – Deathlok

Deathlok_01The Deathlok project has a series of different human identities connected with it, Luther Manning and Michael Collins are perhaps the two most well-known, and there have been a number of un-named versions sprinkled in. Then, of course, there is the Agents of SHIELD version.

Deathlok is a cybernetic being who custom fit with many high-tech upgrades from super strength to jet boots.  He also has computer augmented brain which make him able to preform advanced recon on the fly.  Oh yeah, in some arcs he can fly, so there’s that, which is nice.

Deathlok is an ultimate weaponized soldier and unfortunately is at times high jacked by villains and used as an evil assassin, which is less nice.


5 – Green Goblin

Green GoblinWhat would this list of high-tech Marvel characters be without at least one bad guy, right?

The Green Goblin has endured a long history of battling Spider-man.  During this time he has been depicted in several forms, but always with a lot of high tech gear.  Even as genetically modified being because of the green goblin serum, he also uses high-tech gadgets.

The Goblin uses a variety of bombs and gadgets as he wreaks havoc from atop his most powerful piece of tech, his goblin glider.  I learned just recently that his first appearance came on a broomstick—like Elpheba’s deranged boyfriend.  I think we are all glad the made the switch to the Goblin Glider we all know and love.


6 – Hawkeye

Hawkeye_2Clinton Barton, A.K.A. Hawkeye, is perhaps the only pure high-tech character on this list, as he has no superhuman powers, outside the superpower of snarky banter.

He is however a finely conditioned, well-trained, and terrifically supplied hero.  With his amazing assortment of high-tech arrows he is fully prepared for each and every situation.  Anyone who doesn’t look at Hawkeye and think for just a second, “heck, maybe I could be a hero,” is far too well adjusted to appreciate comic books anyway.


7 – Deadpool

DeadpoolI couldn’t have a complete list without the ultimate anti-hero, Deadpool.  While Wade Winston Wilson has accelerated healing much like Wolverine, he also brandishes a special assortment of high-tech weaponry.

He is an ultimate assassin with expertise with martial arts and marksmanship but he also has carried various devices over the years which have allowed him to teleport and create holographic images to either act as a decoy or change his appearance to go undercover—similar to much of the tech on display in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  While I didn’t exactly like the new look Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I am 100% excited about his own film to be released in 2016!

Plus, he has lots and lots of pouches.

Well this is my list of 7 high-tech Marvel characters, I’m sure I missed one or two notable players, so please let me know who you think should have made this list!

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