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A D&D 5e Background – Hero Worshipper

"Knights" by Brad_T is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Nerds are nice. In fact, we’ll sometimes offer free D&D 5e content such as NPCsrandom tables, or interesting professions for townsfolk. This week is a D&D 5e Background – Hero Worshipper.

A D&D 5e Background – Hero Worshipper

As a child, you absorbed the legends of heroes and heroines alike. Real or imagined, they were your gods and idols; that which you set out to emulate. You’ve trained yourself to the physical peaks of your race and aim to become legend yourself.

Skill Proficiencies:  Athletics, History
Languages: Common
Equipment:  A whetstone, a set of fine clothes, and a favored trophy from a dead enemy fashioned into a piece of jewelry of your choice.

Credit: “Cyprine” by Remton on

Suggested Characteristics:
Your greatest desire is for folk to sing songs of your adventures, feats, and deeds. As a result, you can be a little foolhardy – rushing into melees to add to your own legend. You have a very strong sense of right and wrong and always choose paths and make decisions based on what you understand to be right and good; even if it proves costly to yourself. You’re not afraid of death. In your eyes, dying steeped in battle is the only way to go.

Feature: Adept
At an early age, you began to practice with your favorite hero’s/heroine’s weapon of choice and your practice has paid off!  You gain proficiency in any weapon of your choice.  Your only limiting factor is your size.  For instance: If you are considered Small, you cannot choose a Heavy weapon as your proficiency.

Personality Trait:

  1. If I witness even the smallest of crimes I will intervene.
  2. I don’t believe that wrong means to right ends are justifiable.  There must be another way.
  3. I adventure for renown and acclaim, not gold.  I’d rather die a penniless legend than a wealthy nobody.
  4. Honor is everything.  I will only fight an armed opponent who is facing me and knows I mean to kill him.
  5. Negotiations are the tactics of those unfit to wield a sword and shield.  I am not among them.
  6. A hero of my stature cannot afford to lower his guard…even in the presence of allies.
  7. Alcohol is an evil.  It only dulls the senses and lowers inhibitions.  The former can get me killed and the latter can ruin my reputation.  I will stand for neither.
  8. I’m always the first to draw my weapon and the last to put it up.


  1. Finality.  The only good villain is a dead villain.  Mercy only opens the door to a second encounter.  (Evil)
  2. Impartiality.  I fight for the good of both the great and the small.  (Good)
  3. Precedence.  My idea of right supersedes any local law.  Laws can be corrupt; good cannot.  (Chaotic)
  4. Integrity.  My allegiance cannot be bought at any price.  I’m a hero, not a sellsword or mercenary.  (Good)
  5. Bravado.  The only place for me in a fight is on the front line.  (Neutral)
  6. Grandeur.  Songs and tales are only spun when greatness is achieved.  Playing it safe is not an option for me.  (Chaotic)


  1. Your greatest enemy is my greatest enemy.
  2. An assassin killed my pupil during an attempt on my life.  I will discover the assassin’s identity and kill him at all costs to avenge my pupil.
  3. My comrades-in-arms are the closest thing I have to family.
  4. One who takes a bolt or blow meant for me will see the favor returned at the earliest opportunity.
  5. My first priority is the care of those unable to fend for themselves.
  6. I claimed another hero’s victory as my own and he/she seeks revenge for the stolen valor.


  1. Side quests are beneath me.  I’m a hero of note, not an errand boy/girl.
  2. I wholeheartedly believe I cannot be bested in battle.
  3. I boast of every victory.  If that invites further conflict, so be it.
  4. In my zeal for heroics, I never wait to hear both sides of a story.  The first side I hear determines for me who I fight for and who I fight against.
  5. I prefer allies to come to my aid at my request only.  There’s more glory to be had when I make a kill on my own.
  6. My reputation precedes me, so anonymity is rarely possible.  It is also not desired.

Now create a new character and try out this background or others like the Archaeologist or Magistrate! Or, we’ve rolled up a 5e Warlock for you that uses the Hero Worshipper background.

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