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Crazy Theories About the Agents of Shield Mid-season Finale

So tomorrow is the Marvel’s Agents of Shield mid-season finale. And as this season has gone on, I have been considering some crazy ideas about what could happen. Here it goes. 

[divider]Crazy Theories About the Agents of Shield Mid-season Finale[/divider]

Obviously, potential guessed spoilers ahead:

  1. Closure_Coulson_MavethFitz dies. Remember in the Avengers movie where Fury said they needed someone to rally around. Fitz may be the guy for the occasion on this show. Since the introduction of Will during the Jemma solo episode, you have had to think about the love triangle and how it all resolves itself. Jemma’s hardcore determination early on that Will had to be rescued made me think about this crazy idea: Jemma is pregnant with Will’s child. And once you have a dad in the mix, the non-dad proves his love by sacrificing himself to get Daddy home. And the son gets an easy name: Fitz.
  2. The redemption of Grant Ward. So this one is a far flung idea, especially with him executing someone at the beginning of the last episode. But the placement of the interviews in last week’s episode were on purpose reminding us of Grant’s better moments in the past. Most notable was Fitz saying that Grant always wanted to be recognized as a hero. So assume that things are going to go awful on the planet and someone has to stay back and let everyone else go home. There is a moment for Ward to be a hero. And if you don’t show his death, there is always the chance he returns at some other point in the story.
  3. The portal doesn’t work. I wouldn’t want to see a whole half season on this idea but what if the portal turns some of Shield into a different cosmic Quantum Leap scenario. Places they could visit in the mythos and see minor characters from? Asgard! Maybe the Nova planet or Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy! What an easy way to introduce some cosmic pieces! Or the same idea with them bouncing across time, busting up Hydra with the Howling Commandos!

Agents of Shield has slowly become one of the better shows on television. And the writers are keeping us guessing right now, so what about you all? Any wild theories?

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