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Who Wins It? Storm vs. Thor

Who wins the comic book fight between Thor, God of Thunder, and Storm, mutant goddess of the elements?

Who wins it? Storm vs. Thor

Calling upon her precise control of the air currents around her, Storm drifted quickly to her right, much like an underground street racer would direct his car into a sweeping, controlled turn slide. But although Storm had pinpoint control of her movements in the air–thanks to her command of the weather–she was not in the driver’s seat of this battle.

Storm versus Thor

She had narrowly avoided Mjolnir, the enchanted hammer of Thor. Having fought Thor before, she knew that Mjolnir would now be bearing down on her from behind, as it was undoubtedly on its return flight, being called back into the hand of the God of Thunder.

High over the Long Island Sound, Storm drifted back left and in full confidence in her command of the elements, and fought thunder with thunder. At first there was a gentle tingle in the air as molecules energized, but this was replaced by a crackle as lighting was called forth, striking Thor squarely on the crown of his helmed head, just a brief moment after Mjolnir returned to his hand.

Well, that would not do. Thor was entirely unaffected by Storm’s lightning strike. Then he gave as good as he got. Whereas Storm had command of the weather, the ability to manipulate the air patterns, currents, and molecules around her, it was if Thor simply called forth lightning out of thin air. She commanded, but he created.

Storm realized in that moment that she could never match Thor strike for strike. Whereas she was worshipped as a goddess by those who were enraptured by her weather-control mutant abilities, Thor truly was a god.

She called forth fog, thick and heavy as a wet blanket. Then she quickly flew low to the water’s crown. She would need to employ guerrilla tactics, putting distance between Thor and herself, her only hope being to slowly chip away at him.

But she had an advantage as well, whereas she couldn’t match Thor in brute force, she was still as agile as her days as a street urchin in Egypt, plus her years in the X-Men’s Danger Room had helped her develop an amazingly precise control over her weather powers as well.

Rapidly cooling the air near the water’s surface, then pulling warmer air over it, Storm created what looked like a waterfall of clouds that rapidly dropped down, then filled in for miles in all directions.

Hidden this this inversion of clouds, Storm had a moment to reflect in the look in Thor’s eyes. What she saw told her with full certainty that there would be no talking with Thor, no reasoning with him. She was forced to fight.

She use her elemental powers to command the air to be drawn in around her. She knew this would give away her location, but her tactics had gifted her a moment to catch her breath, and he would have soon born down on her anyway.

Thor didn’t disappoint. And Storm was ready. Drawing on the full extent of her mutant powers, Storm unleashed a concentrated derecho, a storm of wind and heat that is emboldened and empowered by the jet stream itself. By she didn’t direct the fury of the derecho outward, she directed it downward.

Having raised herself higher into the winds, Storm unleashed the derecho’s fury downward at Thor, pummeling him down beneath the water’s surface, where his now heated body sizzled as it submerged deep into the Long Island Sound.

Can a god breath under water? She had no idea, so she used a last gasp of energy to cool the water’s surface, the sub-zero temperatures she commanded instantly flash-freezing the surface of the water. She knew the ice couldn’t withstand Thor’s immense strength, but she hoped to disorient him, as she needed yet another moment to catch her bearings after the intense expenditure of her mutant abilities.

But the god decreed that she would have no such moment. Mjolnir burst forth from below her, followed closely by Thor himself. Thinking fast, she heated the air around him once again, hoping the change in temperature would give him pause.

But she knew she couldn’t count on as much, so she lashed out with another weather trick born only of her precise control. Betting that Thor’s physiology would leave him just as helpless to the effects of vertigo as would be Doctor Donald Blake, Storm manipulated the air pressure on either side of Thor’s helmed head.

Storm vs. Thor

With his left ear feeling as if the air was as thin as the peak of Mount Everest, and his right feeling feeling pressure that could be matched only 1000 leagues beneath the sea, Storm’s latest tactic had a dizzying effect on Thor.

He managed to zigzag his way to the shore, clearly disoriented. Dripping, he went down to one knee.

A couple of beats past. Thor shook his head as if trying to shake loose invisible cobwebs. A couple more beats. Then Mjolnir began to twirl.

Storm could feel the air thicken around her and could feel herself being sucked toward Mjolnir.

Three quicks bursts of crooked lightning stung her hard in the back, landing like a cat-o’-nine tails against her flesh. Electrically charged, her mohawk stood as high as it had ever been, even at her most regal.

Stunned and overpowered, Storm was sucked toward Thor, slowly at first as she resisted, then all at once as her strength gave out. The last thing she felt was the metal of Mjolnir against her jaw. The battle was over.

Superhero Smack Down: Thor vs. Storm

Thor is victorious. Nerds on Earth readers selected Thor to be victorious as well, with over 70% of reader votes selecting the Norse God to best the mutant weather witch.

Thor advances to the next round, and the stakes are raised.

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