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Marvel Strike Force: Gambit Raids Underway with Ace of Raids Milestone

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Welcome back to MSF Mondays (even though it’s Tuesday)! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force!

With the last update we finally got our free-to-play unlock method of Gambit, one of the newest characters in Marvel Strike Force available with a paltry 15-shard unlock. Instead of the usual Greek raids (Alpha, Beta, Gamma), Scopely has introduced a new Gambit Raid that is the first of its kind for an unlock event.

This series of Gambit Raids is actually two-part, and the first run of the event is set to wrap-up on June 22nd. The second run begins directly after. Even though Gambit is the one in the limelight right now, this is all just a reminder that the ongoing Rollin’ Rebel milestones for Dazzler are still in full swing. Participation in the Gambit Raids and Ace of Raids milestone will also help contribute points towards Dazzler’s shards.

And that’s one of the major qualms with the Gambit Raids event; it seems highly unlikely to actually obtain Dazzler’s Bracelet as a part of the Ace of Raids milestones, because you need to hit 100% on the Difficulty 6 Raids. I mean, 100% on a raid is hard enough with a Raid that you’re doing daily with an experienced and active alliance. But to try and coordinate that kind of participation and completionism for a brand new raid is incredibly difficult.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard if the character requirements for the Gambit Raids actually shared some semblance of synergy. Or, maybe if there weren’t Scourge-like modifiers to the Gambit Raids, then alliances could gain some traction.

Instead, we have a trifecta of difficulty in the character requirements, modifiers, and 100% goal in order to make a dent in the marathon Dazzler event. That’s really what the players are generally upset about. On their own, none of these is a major deal-breaker, but for a major character unlock in a new unlock method it seems like Scopely isn’t offering much goodwill to the playerbase.

At least the unlock for Gambit was easy at 15 shards. But in the current torrential waterfall release method of meta characters every update, a 2-star character might as well be yesterday’s news.

On the bright side, I do appreciate that the Marvel Strike Force Blogs are showing the Milestone tables complete with point thresholds and rewards. Not only does this create accountability, but it also allows players to get the information they need without logging into the game.

Table showing Ace of Raids milestone rewards.
Table Source: Marvel Strike Force Blog (

In other Marvel Strike Force news, the level cap has been increased to 90. For most players, this won’t have much impact. In fact, leveling up your commander level is more of an arbitrary reflection of completing your Daily Objectives. The max Character Level is still capped at 85 (so far as I can tell, at least). Max Gear level is still Gear 16 as well.

However, as the commander level increases, the character level increase is not far behind. This means an exponential need for Gold, Training Materials, and Gear is on the horizon. Scopely has increased gold rewards for the Payday Flash Event, some Blitz Milestones, and some Campaign nodes to help ease the burden, but Training Materials and Gear are still at a premium. It feels sort of like some real-world inflation going on where these increases should have been done awhile ago. Instead, we’re scrambling to catch up.

Even so, increasing the character level cap generally does make that tier of Gear more attainable, it may just take time to do so. I recently got my fifth toon up to Gear Tier 16 and worked through the first three nodes of Dark Dimension V. Now I’m just playing the waiting game to get those non-Legendary City toons up to Gear Tier 16 to continue the run towards Dormammu.

And now I’ll close this out with things to watch out for this week in Marvel Strike Force:

  • Blitz: Moondragon & Supernatural (Quick Rumble)
  • Legendary Event: Black Bolt (Asgardians required)
  • Character Events: Rollin’ Rebel ongoing, Ace of Raids Round 2 starts June 22nd.
  • Other Events: Chaos Theory (June 24th)

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

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