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Marvel Strike Force: Solar Sizzler Event for Sunfire and Unlimited X-Men


Welcome back to MSF Mondays! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force!

With the Gambit Raids almost in the rear view, we start shifting gears to round out the Unlimited X-Men team with the addition of Sunfire. Unlike Dazzler, Sunfire is unlocked via an 8-day Solar Sizzler Milestone. That’s right – no month-long event to unlock this Unlimited X-Men team member.

However, since the milestone is only 8-days long, you’ll need to focus if you hope to reach level 27 of the Solar Sizzler Milestone to earn the unlock. There will be two other Milestones that will contribute points towards Solar Sizzler: Heat Storm and Blazing Sun.

I appreciate that the Solar Sizzler Milestones for Sunfire award 25 extra Fantomex shards if you go far enough to earn the Sunfire unlock. So often we unlock a character and shards are at a non-existent premium for months and months until the character is already ‘old news’. As always, the best rewards (beside Sunfire) come after the character unlock.

The Heat Storm milestone lasts 4 days and is centered around Crucible. It already seems like Crucible is going the route of Real-Time Arena in the sense that a vocal segment of the playerbase doesn’t seem to want to invest the time in this new game mode. After all, the difference in rewards between winning and losing are so minimal that the screentime investment isn’t necessarily worth it.

In Heat Storm, you’ll earn the most milestone points by battling with Unlimited X-Men. If you can battle with them at Gear Tier 15+, that’s where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. This sort of bothers me because you won’t have the full Unlimited X-Men team at this point, considering that this is part of the method to unlock Sunfire. Not only that, but it really puts pressure on players to just power up every new character to the max if they want to continue to compete in the game.

If you win all of your 18 matchups in Crucible AND fight with Unlimited X-Men in 3 of those, you’ll earn the 20K points necessary to complete the Heat Storm milestones and acquire those coveted Solar Sizzler milestone points.

As for the Blazing Sun milestones, get those Wakandans ready for Blitz. You’ll earn more points for Blitzing with Wakandans at higher gear tiers, but just simming your Blitz battles should also give you enough points to complete these milestones. Rewards include Solar Sizzler milestone points, Wakandan shards, and some Orange Elite Orbs.

Also, don’t forget to keep cashing in on those web milestone rewards. A new one is coming that rewards you for spending Campaign Energy each day.

Probably the best news coming out of the latest Marvel Strike Force blog is that the Gold Rush Challenge is getting a facelift. In order to help scale the increasing demand on players’ coffers, the rewards are being increased for all tiers of Gold Rush. This should average out to an extra 128k Gold per day, which is most welcome. I’m not going to bite a gift horse in the mouth.

Lastly, the third Horseman for the unlock of Apocalypse is confirmed to be War, and will require Hero Asgardian toons for Difficulty 5 and higher. Note that I said HERO Asgardians. Hela isn’t going to do you any good here. Fortunately, Asgardians were a popular War team for a good long while, so this one likely won’t require as much investment to established players. The downside is that Mighty Thor is absolutely required, and those events start soon with the Summer of Thunder event.

The Quick Rumble events will all contribute towards the Summer of Thunder, in addition to the other events like Solar Sizzler, Victory Blueprint, The Space Viking, and Party in Paradise. If you’re working hard towards unlocking all of the Horsemen, then pay attention to your progress in this month-long event.

Overall, there have been some positive changes to the game in recent memory, including Raid Sim and Daily Objective auto-clearing. If you log-in consecutively for enough days, you’ll earn the ability to sim your Raids 8 times each run. This doesn’t apply to special raids right now, like the Gambit Raids, but perhaps in the future we’ll see that change.

Summer of Thunder Marvel Strike Force

And now I’ll close this out with things to watch out for this week in Marvel Strike Force:

  • Blitz: Negasonic & Inhuman (Quick Rumble)
  • Legendary Event: Omega Red (Nick Fury, Winter Soldier, Secret Avengers required)
  • Character Events: Solar Sizzler, Heat Storm, Blazing Sun
  • Other Events: Knowhere Heist (July 1st), Relic Hunt (July 1st).

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

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