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Which X-Men Best Battle Apocalypse’s Horsemen?

This weekend X-Men: Apocalypse hit the big screen. While the early reviews were uneven I still plan on seeing it within the week. Therefore, this is by no means a review. This isn’t a primer article either (that has been handled already…

The 7 Greatest Marvel Comics Couples

I'm not a lover, I'm a comic reader. Luckily, love has been in the air at Marvel comics for decades. Here is a list of the 7 greatest Marvel Comics couples, with bonus points awarded for longevity, as many of these comic couples have been a…

The 7 Best X-Men Miniseries

In the Claremont era of the X-men Universe, one of the things that happened is that you saw other creators (and sometimes Claremont himself) spin off characters to tell more interesting stories with those characters. Here is a quick rundown…

Nerd Crush: Kitty Pryde

When we started this idea of our nerd crush, I immediately wanted dibs on Kitty Pryde. But after making the pick, I have been stewing on it and trying to put into words what I loved about the character and why I have a nerd crush on Kitty…
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