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The 7 Greatest Marvel Comics Couples

I’m not a lover, I’m a comic reader. Luckily, love has been in the air at Marvel comics for decades. Here is a list of the 7 greatest Marvel Comics couples, with bonus points awarded for longevity, as many of these comic couples have been a hot item longer than your parents.

The 7 Greatest Marvel Comics Couples

7. Rogue and Gambit
Rogue and GambitThe heart wants what the heart can’t have. And when you are Rogue, you can’t come in physical touch with someone else because of your powers, that just gets heightened.

When Gambit came into the X-men books, these two lovers from the deep South were drawn to one another and became a power couple; it was almost as if Gambit’s secondary mutation was making cheesy pick-up lines work with Rogue. When something odd would happen and they could consummate their relationship, it was always from a place of deep longing.

And without a doubt, the prevalence of this relationship in the cartoons plays a part in how a certain generation loves and respects this Marvel couple.

6. Kitty Pryde and Colossus
Kitty Pryde and ColossusThere is a simple reason that many of Marvel’s greatest couples are among the X-men: Chris Claremont wrote his iconic X-men run as a soap opera, where interpersonal relationships were featured just as prominently as epic villain fights.

With Kitty being younger, their relationship was at first a simple unrequited crush, but then it grew into so much more. And readers were treated to being able to walk with these two as they grew into young adulthood.

Then when Colossus was thought to be dead, but was reunited with Kitty in Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-men run it was as near perfect a comic moment as you’ll find. And even though the couple is currently not together, I’ll always see them as a couple in here [points to heart].  Editor’s Note, Inserted 2/12/18:  They’re getting married!

5. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage
jessica-jones-luke-cage-babyNot every relationship begins with the relationship growing over time out of love and caring; Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were friends with benefits that grew into something more. I mean, hey, some people are meeting on Tinder and winding up married. Because it was in a Marvel Max title, it is VERY adult, especially in their first encounters in the book Alias.

Since they have become an important couple and family with the addition of their child, Danielle, mainly during Luke’s time in the New Avengers. It has provided a depth to both characters and sets up some interesting long term stories in the Netflix world.

4. Scott Summers and Jean Grey
X-Men_Vol_2_30_WraparoundIt’s a wonder that Cyclops has never been featured in People magazine with the headline “Are Scott Summers and Taylor Swift dating?” No character is more of a ladies man than Scott Summers, who in his run in the comics has had several high profile relationships. But his later relationships like Madelyne Pryor (a literal clone of Jean Grey) and Emma Frost (the antithesis of Jean Grey) were all measured against his first love, and no one will ever measure up to Jean Grey.

With so many words and panels devoted to the relationship of these two X-men, it seems foolish to write any more. It’s best to just let decades of Marvel comics (and action figures) speak for themselves.

3. Vision the Scarlet Witch
Vision and Scarlet WitchThe relationship of Vision and Wanda is one that is so convoluted in a gloriously comic booky way. The Scarlet Witch loved Vision, who was imprinted with the personality of Wonder Man, who later showed back up and created a unique love triangle.

This couple was front and center in the Avengers and West Coast Avengers for years, as the mutant Wanda loved the android Vision, even using her powers to impregnate herself with the Vision’s help. And then things got messy and Wanda had a mental breakdown that Vision couldn’t forgive, in part because she killed him. Comics.

But it looks like they could be the new power couple in the Avengers movies. And I am holding out hope for a reunion, even if the Vision has made himself an android family in his current title.

2. Reed and Sue Richards
Reed and Sue RichardsReed and Sue have been Marvel’s first family for decades. Their marriage has survived collapsing universes, planet eating cosmic entities, and most of all, having children.

Particularly as cynicism and hopelessness has crept into nearly ever aspect of our culture and media, Reed and Sue have been a sturdy beacon of hope. One would think that if Reed and Sue could survive Reed’s obsessive nature and the inattentive way he’d remain holed up in his lab, then they could survive anything.

Unfortunately, it may be multiple bad movies that will have ultimately brought Reed and Sue down, forever coloring the perception of Marvel’s first family. Yet, with Marvel’s recent Secret Wars event, comic readers were reminded of the lengths Reed Richards will go to in order to keep his family together. Let’s all hold on to that feeling for as long as we possible can.

1. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson
spideywedding-456Undoubtedly, Peter and Mary Jane is the couple of the Marvel Universe, and I will spare you the 5000 word piece on how dumb it was that they retconned their marriage out of existence.

Part of why this couple is so important to the Marvel Universe is that readers have walked with them through every step of their relationship. Their early courtship stories are adorable, their wedding was one of the biggest issues ever, and this couple wrestled with the superhero equivalent of “Will they or won’t they?” which is when and how does MJ learn that Peter is Spider-Man.

And no matter what the dumb plot was in One More Day, MJ and Peter will always be happily married and learning how to handle what all that means in a superhero context.

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