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Talk Nerdy to Me: 7 Valentine’s Day Options for Nerds

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time to prepare yourself for the teasing chocolate assortment commercials, and huge stuffed animal/floral arrangement gestures. When it comes to nerds and special holidays, we always like to try to make it our own with more personalized creative twists. Gummy candy game controllers (sold at Target) instead of heart shaped chocolates. Instead of a bouquet of flowers and stuffed animals, get a bouquet of nerdy stuffed animals like this one on ThinkGeek. Here’s my list of 7 nerdy things you and your significant other can do this Valentine’s Day, “talk nerdy to me” style.

[divider]7 Nerdy Valentine’s Day Options[/divider]

1. Hopelessly Devoted to DeadpoolDeadpoolVDay

Are you a classic romantic who likes a movie and dinner date combo? Take your significant nerd to go see Deadpool. You got superheroes, humor, romance, explicit/inappropriate dialogue, and Ryan Reynolds. Sounds like the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day to me!

2. Campaign Compatible 

Dating someone interested in tabletop RPGs and D&D? Spend the night looking up some fun campaigns and games to play with a group of friends in the future, and do some fun character builds.   It’s fun to break out a new game and try to figure the rules out by playing it with another person. Then you can laugh at your mistakes and rule breaking together. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to explain how to play the game to others who might also be newbies at the game.

3. A Magical Meal

Cooking and baking together can be fun because of two things: food and experimenting. If it comes out a failure, just laugh it off and order take out. If you have any geeky recipes in mind, figure out which you want to try and make them together. Say you have a Harry Potter cookbook. Try out some recipes, make some Butterbeer, and even set up your dining area to look Harry Potter themed. Dinner by floating candle light? How romantic.

4. Couples that cosplay together, stay together. 

Are you both cosplayers? Or relatively interested in cosplaying? Spend the night with a custom playlist of your favorite songs and plan out cosplays together. If you already started on some projects, work on them together. Nothing is more satisfying than working on a couple/group cosplay. Also while you’re planning cosplays, you can always plan on future cons to attend together. Gotta show off those cosplays somewhere awesome!

5. End of the WorldGUnTrKC

In Ghostbusters II, they predicted the end of the world would be February 14, 2016. So why not have a post-apocalyptic Valentine’s Day? Making your own shelter of blanket forts, stocking up on nerf guns, and trying to out live each other. Maybe even taking it to another level and making it into a survival type scavenger hunt. Make up your own rules. Make it a double date or a small get together, and turn it into a fun competitive showdown.

6. Love’s a Brewin’ 

Ah, just a couple of nerds that like the finer things in life like craft beer. Plan to do a fun Pub Crawl with your significant nerd this year in your local area. Some Pub Crawls will have themes ranging from Zombie crawl to Superhero crawl. You can even plan a custom Valentine’s Day one on your own and have your friends get in on it. Any nerds located in the Georgia area who like beer and gaming? Sandy Springs’s Battle & Brew is the place for you. They also have a pretty nice Valentine’s Day 4 course dinner deal that you can check out on their events page.

7. Treat Yourself!

Don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day? No big deal.  Invite some friends who also don’t have plans to bring over all the Valentine candy they can get their hands on, play board games, or do a tv show/movie marathon. Rather go solo and relax in your pjs? Spend the night with your video game romances. Last Valentine’s Day I performed at a concert, and then went back home and played Dragon Age to see my video game boyfriend and kill bad guys. No shame.

I hope you all express your nerd love in the coolest ways. Share these ideas with your fellow nerds, and/or comment with some nerdy ideas you came up with yourself!

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