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Who Wins It? Batman vs. Wonder Woman

Who wins the DC Final Round fight between Batman (who Flash in Round One, then Green Lantern in Round Two) and Wonder Woman (who toppled Aquaman in Round 1, then Superman in Round 2)?  Read on to discover the final result of Batman vs. Wonder Woman!

Who Wins It? Batman vs Wonder Woman

The island is called Falkonera, Place of Falcons. It’s one of the countless rocky satellites off the coast of Greece. And, most importantly, it’s uninhabited.

I wouldn’t want anyone else to get caught between us, the goddess thinks. Standing tall, proud, like an old song or an epic poem, Wonder Woman waits for her opponent. Her fingers drum on the hilt of the sword sheathed at her hip. She looks into the sky, squinting against the sun. Cloudless.

B50A good day for a battle. So come on, Bruce. Come on and fight.

Her hearing is sharp, honed into a hunter’s weapon. She can hear the whirring of servos, the buzz of electronics, the scrape of metal on metal. She allows herself a smile.

That’s more like it.

Half a mile away, a hulking, armored figure covers ground in mighty strides. Every footfall shakes the earth. Inside the towering metal beast, a man narrows his eyes.

The suit was originally built as an EVA unit for deep-sea exploration. I nearly bankrupted WayneTech R&D getting it up to combat spec. Layers of hardened ceramic plating over aramid fiber hybrids and shock-absorbing gel pads. Experimental micro-fusion power source. Going to need all the power I can get–She’s almost as strong as Clark. Almost as fast. And she’s got centuries worth of combat experience.

Still grinning, Wonder Woman draws her sword. “Finally,” she calls. “I was getting lonely.”

Well then, Batman thinks. How about some company?

It looks less like a plane and more like a flying blade–black, sharp, bristling with ordnance. It comes in quietly, low and fast, with the silhouette of an apex predator.

It’s not invisible. But it works.

On the other side of the world, Alfred Pennyworth sits in the Batcave, control sticks in his hands. The view from the Batwing is on the screen in front of him. His eyes narrow as he sees two thermal signatures.

“Sir, I’ve spotted you and Ms. Prince,” he says. “Shall I open fire?”

cover-bman“Confirmed, Penny One. Weapons free. Microwave pulse, two seconds.”

“Acknowledged, sir.”

Nothing the Batwing carries is lethal. But all of it is unpleasant. Like the microwave gun. A 95 GHz beam that heats the water molecules under the surface of the skin. Normally, it’s a crowd control device. But increase the wavelength, and even an Amazon princess will feel like she’s on fire. 

Batman hears a goddess scream.

Great Hera, the heat–

Her eyes narrow, and she grits her teeth. She almost falls to her knees, but catches herself. Two seconds later, the pain is gone, and the Batwing screams overhead. She watches it come around for another pass.

Who’s doing your dirty work for you, Bruce? The old man? Let’s keep this between us.

She’s in the air an instant later. The movement is effortless, graceful. Through costly optics, Batman can see the joy on her face.

She hits the Batplane fist first, her flight unimpeded, blasting through the machine like a star-spangled rocket. The vehicle spins, all control lost, and there is a roar of flame and shrapnel as it hits the ground.

“Sorry Bruce,” she calls, laughing. “That looked expensive! I’m sure you can buy another one, though!” 

He’s closing the gap, armored legs pumping. She lowers herself to the ground and draws her sword.

He hits like a freight train, like a rampaging elephant, nearly half a ton of prototype war machine slamming into the statuesque warrior. Wonder Woman doesn’t flinch, taking the charge and returning it, thrusting with a blade forged by the weaponsmiths of Olypmus. He twists, surprisingly fast for his bulk, and the blade cuts empty air.

For a moment, they stand, an arm’s length apart, each measuring the other. Then the battle is joined again.

He lashes out with a kick, but Wonder Woman catches his foot and twists. Batman goes flying, hitting the ground nearly thirty feet away. Struggling to his feet, he sees a blur of movement, her hand snapping forward, and then the light is catching something, something sharp, and fast, and–

Headed right for me. Her tiara–

–buries itself in the suit’s armor plating, slicing through layers of artificial muscle. Warning lights blink urgently. He clenches his fists.

Nothing critical. Still have motor control. Good.

He stands, firing a spray of Batarangs from a wrist-mounted cannon. Wonder Woman’s arms move too fast to track, sparks flying as the Batarangs hit her bracers. She blocks all six. She isn’t even breathing hard.

Then she notices that the Batarangs are struck to her bracers.

This time, she does go down, the electric shock pounding her body bringing her on her knees. The sword falls from her hands.

Electromagnetic Batarangs. Courtesy of Lucius Fox. Now–

He leaps, covering the ground in a single surge. When he comes down, he comes down hard, slamming Wonder Woman to the ground.

Teeth gritted, sweat on their brows, the two warriors grapple for a moment. Batman sprays a quick setting epoxy, trying to pin her to the ground, but she twists violently, a tempest made flesh, and throws him off. They roll to their feet, and regard each other again, panting.

Wonder Woman touches her lip, and her hand comes away bloody.

Oh Bruce…you were trained by the best soldiers in the world.

But I was trained by GODS.

She pulls something from her belt. She is holding the sun in her hands. A river of gold, threads spun of purest shining light. The light of truth itself.


There is a flash of light. Batman gets a hand up, and the Lasso of Truth wraps around his arm.

I’m afraid of themhe realizes. Of their power. Of what they can do with it.

Wonder Woman is straining now, pulling the Lasso with all her might, and he feels himself being pulled along with it. Then he’s airborne, the rope taut. She’s spinning now, the center of a whirlwind, G-forces pounding Batman through his suit. Darkness creeps into the edge of his vision.

With a great cry of effort, she brings the Lasso around, slamming Batman into the rocks of the island. She can hear his heartbeat, faint but steady, through the shattered armor. She sighs, and replaces both blade and lasso on her belt.

She holds out her hand, and a falcon alights on her bracer. “Don’t feel too bad, Bruce,” she says. “You did your best. But I wasn’t sent to Man’s World just to lose.”

Superhero Smackdown: Batman vs. Wonder Woman

With this, her third victory, Wonder Woman goes on to represent DC against the Marvel bracket’s champion once the dust settles in the Wonder Woman v Batman final!

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