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The 2018 Nerds on Earth Wrap-Up Report, Including Our 10 Most Popular Articles

"Fireworks" by tsuacctnt is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Nerds on Earth exists to highlight the best of a Friendly Local Game Shop (FLGS). That means lots of board game reviews, tips and ideas on roleplaying games, comic book coverage, and other nerdy stuff that’s adjacent to game shops or is beloved by nerds.

To that end, we published 382 articles about nerdy things, with the most being in November with 41. We invite you to crack open a 5 Hour Energy and read them all. 30+ articles a month is something we are proud of, not just because that’s a level of content that far outstrips most websites in nerd culture.

To be clear, Nerds on Earth is a hobby for us and we do it because we love this stuff. We aren’t bankrolled by a multi-media corporation that’s looking to milk nerd culture for profit because of the purchasing power in key demographics. Nah, we just love this stuff like you do and rather than sit on the couch and mindlessly consume media, we find purpose and meaning from creating content, not mere consumption.

So, we’re proud of 382 articles and for another reason as well. We’re proud because Nerds on Earth has two dozen contributors. (Meet the Nerds here.) We’re a community of nerds first and foremost. In a culture that is full of shallow, fleeting relationships, we’re most thankful that Nerds on Earth is something that is done collectively through community and collaboration. That’s a lot of “Cs.”

But we’re also proud of the success of Nerds on Earth. Our traffic for 2018 was 1.45 MILLION, so we just missed a million and a half nerds. I mean, that’s pretty good, but our desire was for infinity readers, so we fell well short of projections. So, tell someone about Nerds on Earth, will ya? Share us on social media and link us liberally on any site you may have. That’s the only thing that will help us improve upon 1.45 million and drive us toward infinity.

Honestly, that’s enough from me. Thank you. Truly. We’re thrilled you’ve found Nerds on Earth, even if this is your first time. Thanks so much and close this out with our 10 most trafficked articles in 2018:


Roadside Encounters

This is nothing more than 100 simple ideas for how to make travel more interesting in Dungeons and Dragons. Who knew road trips were so popular in D&D? Read it here.

Pathfinder Adventures

Paizo has produced 20+ adventure paths for their popular Pathfinder roleplaying game. This article simply gives a brief, high-level synopsis of each of them. Read it here.

Stuff You Should Know

The Stuff You Should Know podcast is extremely popular and entertaining. Unfortunately, with hundreds of episodes, it’s hard to know how to get started. This is simply the 7 best episodes of the Stuff You Should Know Podcast. Read it here.

5 Rooms

The 5 Room Dungeon is a simple technique for making a small D&D adventure. The great thing is that this how-to guide let’s you know the building blocks that allow a quick dungeon crawl to have a satisfying throughline. Read it here.

Create NPCs

As you can already see, D&D tips are extremely popular on Nerds on Earth. This article features a simple technique for creating NPC stat blocks on the fly, something that is usual in any D&D game. Read it here.

Tomb of Horrors

Tomb of Horros is an iconic meat-grinder of a D&D adventure. But is Tomb of Horrors as great as we remember it? And does it connect with modern audiences? Maybe. Maybe not. Read it here.


The Underdark is an iconic D&D locale that is filled with evocative monsters. We take a cheeky look at what real-lie scientists have found deep beneath the Earth. Read it here.


Heroforge is a service that allows you to create a custom miniature online that is 3D printed, then mailed to you. But is it worth it? Read it here.


Wizkids makes both pre-painted and unpainted miniatures for D&D games. We provide an overview of their popular sets. Read it here.

Heroes of Dominaria

Heroes Dominaria is a new Magic: The Gathering themed board game from Wizkids. We review it. Read it here.


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