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7 Exciting Pieces of News out of Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars fandom hasn’t been…er, the sunniest place lately. A small subset of fans can’t just be miserable to themselves, they’ve decided to weaponize social media in order to spread their miserableness to everyone, which has dimmed a bit of the light coming from a galaxy far, far away.

But don’t lose hope, Star Wars fans. There was lots of exciting Star Wars news that came out of the recent Star Wars Celebration. Let’s recap some of it.

The Rise of Skywalker

With this one, I’ll let a two minute video do all the talking, as I take a break to experience all the feels.

Not only was the trailer thrilling, but the announcement of the title and the return of Palpatine were genuinely goosebump moments.

Footage from the Mandalorian

Star Wars Celebration brought other footage beyond that of Episode IX: a first look at The Mandalorian, the live-action Star Wars show that will debut this November on Disney’s upcoming streaming platform.

Below is the entire hour long panel that was devoted to The Mandalorian, with a few of my thoughts below.

Rumors of a live-action Star Wars show have been circling for so long that I thought it would never finally happen. But as the panel came to an end, the livestream cameras were shut off and Jon Favreau screened several minutes for the audience. Reactions have been universally ecstatic.

Healing Actions Were Taken

The actions of a small subset of Star Wars fandom has been nothing short of shameful, but light defeated the darkness at this year’s Star Wars Celebration.

Sadly, actress Kelly Marie Tran was forced to leave social media due to being bullied by fans. Yet, her appearance on the Episode IX panel was met with a standing ovation and chants of “Kelly, Kelly, Kelly” that echoed through the convention center. She became emotional at the overpowering show of love and support.

Likewise, Ahmed Best–the actor who played Jar Jar Binks–was bullied to the point that he considered taking his own life. He was cheered loudly at his appearance, as if fans we saying that they’ve seen enough of the hate.

It was healing moment not just for the particular actors involved but for Star Wars fandom as well.

The Clone Wars is Back

I don’t watch very much animation to speak of, but it’s clear that I’m a weirdo in that regard. Star Wars fans were nuts over the news that The Clone Wars animated series would be making a return.

At Star Wars Celebration, fans got their first glimpse at Ahsoka Tano after leaving the Jedi Order in The Clone Wars, the storyline that would have been told had the series had gone to its full conclusion. Now, on Disney+, it will.

Star Wars Resistance Continues

The Clone Wars was not all the animation news coming out of Star Wars Celebration. The entire season two premiere of Star Wars Resistance was screened for attendees. Word is that the episode picks up right where the season one finale of Resistance left off.

Marvel’s Star Wars Comics

I’ve been enjoying binging Marvel’s Star Wars comics on Marvel Unlimited, particularly Doctor Aphra, the latest comic I’ve binged.

Well, the talented and popular Greg Pak will be taking over as the next lead on the comics. This is most impressive.

Single Player Video Game

Our last piece of Star Wars news to share from the latest Celebration is video game related. The title is Jedi: Fallen Order, but that hype was secondary to the news that the title is a single-player, story-driven game.

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