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Marvel Strike Force: Tips to Improve Your Squad from a D+ to a B-

Marvel Strike Force is one of the hottest mobile games! As a result, there are thousands of hours of content to be found on YouTube helping players navigate their way to the top of the world rankings! Or, if you are like me, having bragging rights over your friends who also play the game. 

I have been playing for months and am still thoroughly enjoying this game. But even though Marvel Strike Force’s business model is in-app purchases, I am a strictly free to play, so the game can get grindy.

But the upside is I’ve learned lots of tips for improving play and optimizing characters. Add that to the aforementioned YouTube content I’ve consumed, and I think I can curate lots of great advice into 3 main points. 

Marvel Strike Force Tips

Know the various game modes.

As you step into Marvel Strike Force, there are a few game modes available right away, and a few more to unlock as your character level up. Blitz, Arena, and Campaign are the first big three and understanding them will help your progress a great deal! 

CAMPAIGN is your first stop, because you need to build your characters, or “toons.” You are going to get a handful of toons to start and these toons will help you progress through the various campaign modes. You start in Heroes, quickly unlocking Villains and so on.

These campaigns will help you acquire what you need to expand your character roster by offering shards that build up those characters when they are converted into gear. 

BLITZ is a fun little ladder to climb. The more characters you have, the better off you will be in Blitz, because a squad of 5 toons can fight, then there is a cool down period in which you can spend Blitz energy to fight that squad again, or wait 2 hours.

So the more teams you have, the more rounds you can get in without spending all of your energy. In your first 30 days in the game, you are placed in a special group of new players so that you have a fair chance at ranking. After that, you get thrown to the wolves, so if you are just starting, try to maximize your time in Blitz!

ARENA is the mode where you will need to develop at least 1 really strong group of 5 in order to compete against similarly powered players. You set a defense and you can mix it up on offense to fit your needs for battle. The other fun little trick here is Arena battles are timed, so you need to act quickly! 

Know Your Currency

Each game mode in Marvel Strike Force offers unique currencies. You exchange the myriad of currencies in the store for character shards and/or gear. (Pro Tip: character shards!!!)

There are also orbs that are your best value, but have the most controversial part of the game—Random Number Generation or RNG—at play.

For new players, just go with orbs until you have good ideas on which characters you really want to focus on. Drops will be random but take pressure off of yourself to research and have fun with RNG for a bit.  

Know your strategy

With all of these modes, and so many toons to choose from, there is a great amount of strategy to employ. 

A – Synergy. The game offers synergies among groups of characters. If you have a team like Sinister Six together, they will have a lot more synergy than just a team of random character whom you have collected.

There are also crossover synergies such as cosmic, mystic, or tech, so make sure you keep synergy in mind in build your team. 

B – Placement. How you align your players matters a great deal, because many of the toons have attributes that only benefit adjacent characters, or can break up chain attacks etc.

Real basic tips:

  • Your characters who taunt (tank) should typically be on the edge,
  • Toons who have weaker defense should be as far away from them as possible to preserve them through the battle,
  • The character in the middle should be someone who can take a little bit of a beating as well, and
  • The spot closest to a taunting tank is good for a character that has stealth, high evade, or counter, because they will be able to break a chain attack. 

C – Roster. As previously stated, your roster helps you be successful in each of the game modes if you are intentional. Best advice for early players: Build a wide roster. Unlock as many characters a possible and keep them all leveling up similarly for a bit.

At some point you will need to commit to a group that will be your main Arena team, but leave your options open for a bit so you can gain an understanding of what characters you have an inside track on! 

These are my 101 tips which have made my time playing Marvel Strike Force productive and fun. These have come from a variety of sources that tend to all agree on these points at least. They won’t turn your squad A+ all by themselves, but they’ll definitely improve your squad.

If you want more indepth beginner tips, here is a link for a great content provider who I believe has flown under the radar, PaPokeman:

Sometimes the guys who are the loudest or have a real shtick get all the publicity, but this is just a kid in his room who does thoughtful videos on a silly little game! And he ends every video with, “but what do I know, I am only 18?” Well, he knows a lot about Marvel Strike Force!

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