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Getting Up to Speed on Agent Carter Season 2

Ratings and statistics confess to this tragedy: most of you all didn’t watch Agent Carter. In all seriousness, Agent Carter was one of the surprisingly awesome things of 2015 and we can’t encourage you enough to watch, especially as the second season kicks off on January 19th.

[divider]Getting Up to Speed on Agent Carter Season 2[/divider]

Getting Up to Speed on Agent Carter Season 2Here are some of the reasons you should watch:

  1. Agent Peggy Carter is Marvel royalty. Sure, the modern movies want to give Howard Stark, Iron Man’s dad, all the credit for the starting of SHIELD But let’s face it: he was a figurehead. Agent Carter was the one getting things done! Plus, if you want to know Steve Rogers (Captain America) best, you need to know the lady he loved first and most!
  2. Team Peggy. We all knew that Hayley Atwell was going to crush it as Agent Carter; she was one of the best things in the Captain America: First Avenger movie and the subsequent shorts that led to the series. But what we didn’t know is that the rest of the cast was going to be so good. Above all, Jarvis is the best! He and Peggy have an interesting teamwork and chemistry that doesn’t ever turn into hero and sidekick and it never turns into a romantic thing. (Jarvis is happily married! How dare you!)
  3. The time when the show is set. Setting the show in post-World War II America sets it in a specific time period and it is really, really well done. From the costuming to the social issues of the time, this show nails the period pieces. Peggy has to deal with chauvinists, scary landlord/sorority house mom figure and more that are set to this time period. With some of the casting that seems to have happened this year, the issue of race may come up and be a part of the show as well.
  4. This season is moving locations! They are going from New York to Hollywood! Imagine, all the trappings of the early Hollywood added into what is already great story telling! It really felt like a genius move.
  5. Enver Gjokaj plays Carter’s fantastic love interest. He plays a fellow SSR agent (SHIELD before it was SHIELD) and who recognizes that Carter is a great agent, even having been worried about her being a spy during part of Season 1. Ever since Dollhouse, Gjokaj has been an actor to watch and this character fits him perfectly. Sousa and Carter need to get married, with Jarvis as her bridesmaid.
  6. 1447945428462The Russian assassin.  The one person Peggy was unable to stop was a Russian assassin. The Cold War elements of this show could take off in this second season, as historically, it is appropriate. After all, SHIELD is a very American entity and Russia is a looming Superpower.

Sadly, ABC pulled Agent Carter Season One from Hulu a few months ago and the show is not yet on Netflix. It is worth investing in, as it is out on DVD or Blu-Ray on Amazon, or streaming services like Amazon or iTunes. Regardless, Agent Carter Season 2 is worth checking out and making a part of your Tuesday nights!

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