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Agent Carter Live Chat: The Atomic Job

Peggy Carter! Jarvis! An incorporeal Jason Wilkes! And a villanous Whitney Frost! This season of Agent Cater is moving fast. As you watch this week’s episode, follow along with the chat below. All you folks who watch shows time shifted, we’ve got your back.

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Jason So we gather, halfway through this season of Agent Carter. The move to the west coast has been an adventure with a startling commentary on Hollywood today, even though it was set 70 years ago! What things will happen in the fast moving second half of season 2?

This season has been moving quickly. I’m loving this fast pace

I wish more shows would embrace the shorter season design. I think that is a big part of this show’s success.

Jennifer I agree. They can get straight to the story and no fluff episodes.

And the show starts with ominous music…

Oh wow…I did not see that coming!

Jason Nice use of ghost Jason in a different way. And that it is calling to him isn’t a good thing. An interesting twist to how the powers of Jason may work in the future. But that it is the dark matter stuff doesn’t bode well.

Jennifer Very true. Dark matter being attracted to you is never good.

Even if you are that attractive in general.

Agent-Carter-2x04-The-Atomic-Job-2Jason The nurse is totally not going to survive this season.

Jennifer No, don’t say that! I really like her!

And that is probably why she’s gonna die.


Jason This is a pretty adorable proposal moment. Sousa has bumbling game.

Jennifer And she just goes with it.

They are too cute together!

Jason Yep. She won’t make it.

Jennifer Yeah…she’s a goner

And more of the best friends, Carter and Jarvis, giving each other a boost.

Well, look! what a convenient plot device for Peggy to be right where she needs to be at just the right time!

Jason It is a wonderful homage to Die Hard. West coast, crawling through air vents.

Jennifer That line and Peggy’s face. “I need an atomic bomb!” Peggy: “WTF?”

Jason I hope Jarvis gets to say Yippee Ki Yay.

Has there ever been a case where someone said they needed a nuclear bomb and it was a good thing? I am drawing a blank here for a good case.

Jennifer I can’t think of one either. I’m sure my face would have looked like Peggy’s.

Jason Well, it certainly means they know they have to stop her.

Jennifer  Gives them a huge push in getting it done.

Whitney is looking a little cray these days.

Jason Power corrupts. Superpower corrupts even more. Marvel: feel free to use that for Captain America: Civil War.

Jennifer Goodness, I love Peggy’s American accent.

Jason And the Black Widow wig. Kudos for saving money in the property department.

Jennifer “Slight brain damage” is going to occur I believe

agent-carter-205-synopsis-850x560Jason This piece has me laughing out loud. Some seriously good comedy. Especially the pep talk she has to give herself.

Jennifer One more time for good measure.

Um….I’m gonna need him to take a chill pill.

Jason Well, that was certainly unexpected.

I like how this Jarvis is basically the same as Iron Man’s. He knows everything!

Jennifer Jarvis is a handy guy to have around…or in a computer.

Jason Yes! Rose is going to be my new role model. And Peggy is doing the deal–taking care of her squad.

Jennifer Gals gotta look out for gals.

What a motley crew…haha. I love it!

Jason This montage shot is amazing. Such a great use of period appropriate music to show a much more modern shot.

Jennifer This show is great! Humor, action, drama…Marvel does it all so well!

Jason Semi-related: The Flash episode tonight was great as well. I am thankful that all DC things aren’t as bad as their movies.

Jennifer Peggy: Always the positive one.

Jason Yes. A gadget guy. Always need a gadget guy.

Jennifer So, evil villain is having a tempter tantrum. Nothing new.

Get it, Rose! You go, girl!

Jason That was awesome. I love the way they are growing out the team in a way that makes sense. People that have been overlooked or seen as less talented for different reasons. Such a clever idea and Sousa and Peggy should definitely relate. Again, such smart storytelling.

Jennifer The team dynamic is beautiful.

Jason And this is a great dynamic of mixing it up so Sousa and Jarvis get some time working as a team together.

Jennifer I think I love Rose.

Jason Peggy versus the mob in season 3?

Jennifer She’s got it. Bye bye, Mob!

Oh my!

Peggy! Just shake it off. Lara Croft did

Jason Oh my goodness. I did not see that coming.

Jennifer She ain’t dead though!

We know she can’t die. Not yet!

Jason I mean, agreed that she won’t die but that isn’t a wake up in the morning and go again wound.

Jennifer Not at all. This is definitely gonna slow her down. And allows Whitney an edge…

Jason And now the nurse sees what we all know: who Sousa’s first love is.

Jennifer Now I saw this coming…

She isn’t taking any crap from anyone anymore. Whitney is the queen.

Jason After last week’s backstory, it was pretty obvious that this was the direction this was heading.

Jennifer Poor nurse lady. I really like her.

Jason Blood on the ring?

Jennifer I need a Jarvis. Do they have those for sale somewhere?

Jason He does seem to be the absolute best.

Jennifer And Peggy’s makeup is still on point! Impaled and still looking fine!

Jason No! I thought we were about to see the conception of Nick Fury!

Jennifer Ah snap! Two hours of Carter next week! Can I even handle it?!

Jason Another solid episode. Moved the main plot forward, saw the escalation of the Sousa-Nurse-Peggy triangle and we got a look at the squad for the future!

Jennifer I loved this episode. It moved so fast and had so much comedy and action. Another win for Agent Carter.

Jason And next week, we double up. This season is coming to a rapid close but it is definitely as good as season 1.

Jennifer Agreed! So, we shall leave it here! Until next week, Carter fans! And until then, keep fighting the good fight!

Jason And when you can, be like Rose!


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