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Nerdy New Year Resolutions of 2016

Normally, resolutions are those promises to yourself for the new year that you rarely keep. When you add the pressure of something so absolute like, I HAVE to lose this much weight, and cook this many meals, and read this many books in x amount of time, it just overwhelms you.

I’m here to bring some Nerd Year Resolutions that will be fun to keep for 2016.

[divider]Nerdy New Year Resolutions for 2016[/divider]
  1. Screen-042Getting active and being healthy. Working out at the gym can get so boring and expensive. Instead find fun workouts at home or outside you can do. For nerds, is a great website with so many different themed workout routines. One of our fellow nerds, Mike, even nerds over it.
  2. Have more family or friend fun nights, and play board games/card games. Nothing brings more bonding time than a fun board game. It turns most nights spent sitting around a tv to laughing and making jokes about the card someone put down in Cards Against Humanity. I guarantee, you pull out a cool game like that with a group of acquaintances-friends, and you’ll see the mood instantly lighten up in the room.
  3. Start cooking more. I am a Master chef when it comes to microwave meals. Cooking can be fun and not as scary as you think. There are so many nerdy cookbooks and recipes out there that you have got to try out. My friend actually bought me a Harry Potter cookbook for Christmas. Time to learn how to cook for the muggles!
  4. IMG_6387Try doing and/or learning about something new. I may be biased, but might I recommend cosplay! I’ve set my new years goals with cosplay, mostly on the amount of cosplays this year. If you don’t really know what cosplay is all about but you’re interested learn about it! Find some reasons to start something you have never done before. Of course it doesn’t have to be cosplay, but it’s just one of the many new and fun things you can get yourself into in 2016.
  5. Read more. Reading can be such a stress relief. You can find out what type of writing styles you like, do you like fiction, non-fiction, scifi, fantasy, YA (young adult) fiction, etc. Not only that, if you’re someone who struggles with reading at all, but you love video games, or certain movies. A lot of video game’s that are pretty thorough in story telling will have books or comics to talk about the lore and characters of the game. Just became a huge fan of Star Wars because of Force Awakens? Star Wars actually has a book series that I highly recommend reading!
  6. IMG_3540Change up your style. Whether it’s your hair or your clothes, this is probably my favorite resolution. Start reppin’ your fandoms by buying some nerdy clothes. There are SO many online shops that make nerdy clothing. And now, a lot of stores are making some nerdy chic clothing, especially for women. Is that a dress that looks like armor?! Walk, don’t run people!
  7. Meet new people. Socializing can be pretty awkward, but when you meet other nerds who love the same things you do, or even nerds who love things that you should be loving, it’s a great feeling. Those bonds could be forever, or just for that one day when they casually complimented your Deadpool shirt. Either way, getting to interact and share new experiences with people can be pretty cool and beneficial for you and/or for them.

Mostly, enjoy 2016 in all the nerdy ways you can. It’s another new year to catch up on the old, and experience the new. Go forth, and nerd out. Also share and comment some nerdy resolutions you might have set for yourself this year!

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