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Friday 5: Nerd Culture Highlights of the Week

Friday 5 collects bits of news, fun, and updates on the week’s best nerdy things. Five quick links and your mana pool is replenished for the week. You’re welcome. Now, to the links!

Nerd Culture Highlights for the Week of November 6, 2016.


1. Young Justice is back for a third season after a three year cancellation.

We nerds have grown accustomed to great shows meeting untimely and unceremonious deaths, but how often do we see fan faves rising from the dead? Warner Bros. Animation caught almost everyone by surprise this week when they announced that Young Justice is coming back for season 3. It’s been almost four years since we last joined DC’s team of teenaged superheroes for their signature brand of fun, complex and episodic storytelling. We can’t wait catch up with Miss Martian, Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and the rest of the Justice League’s junior league for a whole new set of adventures.



2.  Spread the cheer by running a holiday-themed D&D adventure with your PCs.

Lots of folks love running Curse of Strahd on Halloween.  Why not give Christmas some RPG love?  The folks at Tribality have a short session mapped out for you in which your party will combat snowmen, toy soldiers, and the Krampus.

Listen, I know its a little early to be thinking Christmas.  Heck, we haven’t even pardoned the turkey yet!  But with a little more than a month until the holiday hits, DMs have all the time they need to prep this mini adventure and even make it their own.



3.  Alternatively…You could fight Kris Kringle himself!tumblr_inline_mfkdh5osdv1r0zz7o

Twas the night before Christmas

and all through the house

not a creature was stirring

except for a dragonborn barbarian, goliath ranger, halfling monk, and half-orc sorcerer.

I’m pretty sure that’s how the poem goes.

Instead of saving Christmas, you can transport the party to the North Pole and bring the fight right to Santa’s workshop.  I ran into 5e stats for Santa this week from the World Builder Blog and Death By Mage, though I’m 100% sure they aren’t the only options on the internet.  So do a little digging, find some stats you like, and devise a single-session clash with Jolly Ole Saint Nick just in time for the holidays.


4.  Here’s a fun 7-minute long Star Wars fan film to tide you over until Rogue One.  


5.  Doctor Strange outperformed box office predictions!

Original projections figured somewhere between $60- and $70 million dollars during the opening weekend, but actually netted around $85 million (a 25%-ish improvement on the predictions).  And some are even predicting that it will best box office newcomers Arrival and Almost Christmas during their opening weekends.

We do so love to see nerdy movies dominate the box office!

And we’re out of here, leaving you with 5 nerdy links. Hopefully they get you caught up on the big stories from nerd culture that you may have missed this week.


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