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Review of Marvel’s Agent Carter s1e3 “Tide and Time”

[box] We have just watched the third episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter and are dying to talk about it. Us Nerds on Earth writers will often banter back and forth via email, giving our first thoughts about the latest comic TV show we’re watching. We’ll share it here, with the hope that amidst our back-and-forth you end up getting a good review of the episode, even if the style is slightly off center.

**Spoilers Ahead**[/box]


So Clave,
First off, I know we are all disappointed that no ham was slapped in this episode. Or really any fisticuffs with any pork products. But, this show continues to tell a great larger narrative in the midst of smaller stories.

Big picture: this episode definitely moves the story forward rapidly. They easily could have made the whole season the search for Stark’s gear. By having it be found quickly moves the story forward rapidly. I like that choice.

Things I loved:

  1. Jarvis’ backstory. They introduced the treason angle and explained it all inside one episode. And it is a moving story that Carter would have respect for. (Unless, and I hate to even suggest this, Jarvis is lying.)
  2.  I called the house mom was going to be a problem. I’m sure that it will keep popping up.
  3. Carter’s emotional arc this episode. She so badly wants to be accepted that she is almost willing to compromise everything to gain it. It is such a human place to be and you totally understand. Her heroism is maybe shown most in keep taking the drama off the guys when she could easily defend herself. And her moment with her neighbor at the end was beautifully done, showing Carter starting to open up and realizing her need for support.

What did you think? What was the best part to you? Do you think we could convince them to make a ham slapping highlight video?


PATRICK ROBERT SMITH, HAYLEY ATWELLIt appears that instead of slapping the ham like they did last week, they chose to go with an extended recap at the beginning of the episode. Although I missed having a gag like the radio show or Agent Carter in costume, this didn’t feel like a filler episode at all. The ratings (solid) and reviews (excellent) have been good for Agent Carter, so I’m sure they felt like the recap served as a nice welcome for any new viewers they may have picked up.

Those new viewers really got to see the story push forward quickly! An eight episode season is excellent. We’re seeing a tight, quick story, with no filler, as evidenced with the quick discovery of Stark’s stolen goods.

Here are some things I like:

  1. The other SSI agents aren’t played for chumps. They are competent, they just aren’t as good as Carter. The writer’s could have easily made them buffoons, which would have been a mistake. I especially look forward to seeing if Sousa ever catches up to Carter.
  2. The dialogue is good. I know in out review of the first episode that we noted slang used a 1940’s period piece, but I also want to praise the consistent nice quality of the regular dialogue in the series. A couple of examples was the chief saying “I’ll call his wife,” followed by the other agent saying, “I’ll call his girlfriend,” or the quick back-and-forths between Agent Carter and Jarvis where she said, “they’ll respect me”, only to have Jarvis retort, “but they won’t.Screen-Shot-2015-01-12-at-9.16.21-PM-1024x820
  3. The scene where Cater got reamed out was difficult to watch. I wanted to yell at the TV in defense of her, but that’s part of the point, right? She doesn’t need defending. The are writing a really strong, vibrant female character.
  4. Jarvis’ American accent kept with the moments of fun and silliness this show is giving us. How ‘bout a spot of tea, gov’na?

Before I go I want to lob a few thoughts on future episodes your way, then leave it with you to get that last slap on the ham.

  • The man in the hat opens another layer of villainy to us. Who is that guy?
  • When Agent Carter was flipping through Shakespeare’s symbol book, I couldn’t help but think of Dr. Strange and how Marvel will play out magic in the Marvel movie universe. I also think the symbol might play out in significant ways in other episodes, as there was just too much attention on it to let it be simply a ship symbol, and nothing else.
  • Leviathan will roar to life next episode I bet. In the comics, Leviathan was a cold war communist version of Hydra. I like that they appear to be the big bad in this series.

RIP Agent Dumb Guy Kaminski.


You raise some great points that I want to follow up on.

  1. The other SSR agents are good. It is kind of delightful to see Chad Michael Murray as the Interrogator especially. And Sousa is going to be on to her.agent-carter-lyndsy-fonseca
  2. I so agree with the dialogue. One of the this week’s line struck me: “She won’t trade a read, white, and blue shield for an aluminum cane,” which was directed at Sousa when his crush on Carter was starting to show a bit. It wasn’t meant as a mean line, but it still had to sting. It also shows that people don’t get that Steve Rogers, the man, is what makes Captain America who he was/is. The suit, the shield and all that are just secondary.
  3. Brutal. There has been a gnawing sense in me that I doubt they would kick Carter, who worked with Cap, this far down the line, but this scene really brought it to the forefront. As much as Jarvis has saved her bacon, she had to take the hit to save his.
  4. Jarvis’ accent was hilarious. Well timed comedy.

As for your questions:

  • I have no idea on the guy in the hat. He does seem to add another layer. I assume Whitehall from this season of SHIELD is going to show up at some point but maybe not?
  • One of the nice parts of this world Marvel is building out is the careful watching and waiting for clues. I was definitely on the edge as well. And it was nice to see someone have to do some old school, time appropriate research instead of asking Siri. (I hope soon we get some microfiche!)
  • They definitely seemed to be setting up the Russian = Leviathan tie. Is Whiplash’s dad going to be seen, maybe as an Leviathan agent?

And even though he was a jerk, RIP Agent Kaminski.

7 out of 8 nerds



Can’t wait until next week’s episode. Agent Carter has consistently been 7 out of 8 nerds!

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